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Re:My Sons Blood Cry For Vengence : – The Alpha-Swagger and Its Monkey Brain – Mahfuz Mundadu

national daily

By Mahfuz Mundadu
The bloodthirstiness of the Draculas is gradually assuming some dodgy facet. The goons are on the verge of being some bunch of consummate cooped cinch. Armchair journalism is assuming a new wave of obtuse witticism.

Everyday, all day, the mad mutts are clearly on a rampage. Desperate to earn their paycheck and court some worthlessly underserved favors from the criminal enterprise called Zionism and its yours obedient mélange of errands called Western Imperialism. The die-hard puppets are clearly at a lost. The script wasn’t playing as predicted. The Zionist infested regime of (in)security consultants have goofed…one more time. Before them is a phenomenon; too hot to handle and too cold to keep. Instead of “critical mass”, they ended up with a twinge of neigh at its neap.

Their antecedents are known to all and sundry by now. They are pathological liars notorious for mis… and dis-information, baseless allegations and half-truths. And that was what they took refuge in when their callousness was exposed and met with resounding condemnation world over. Thirty-three (33) preciously innocent lives were lost to the crude and primitive heartlessness of those paid to protect the citizens’ lives and property.

Yet the cold-blooded gangsters do not even have the decency to simply say sorry to the aggrieved and the wronged.

In spite of being the heartless musketeers that we have known them to be, the persecutors are becoming leaky and drippy by the day. Their dreads well founded, and justifiably so, knowing fully well that the true followers of Hussein will never ever pay allegiance to the Yazids of our time. That when Pharaoh attempted to get hold of Musa we all knew how the oceanic divine providence dealt a truly deadly blow to the scoundrel. And Musa was eventually saved.

What else do we need as an assurance that history will repeat itself if (and yes) we remain focused in spite of all manners of provocation?! The baby emperor, of recent seen in a fancy suit but most a time with a bowler hat may wish to take note. History will always repeat itself. We know. They know. And every right thinking student of history knows that to every Pharoah there shall be Musa. To every Yazid there will surely be Hussein. And no tonnages of Shamirs and Ibn Saads will ever make the Husein of our time loose focus and get provoked. And no any Ibn Murjanata will ever be able to throw any cog on the wheel that brings about a change for good and the betterment of this nation in particular, and the humanity in general.

If you appreciate this, then it will surely be much easier for you to understand what made one Shehu Dauda (as you pronounce dirts in Hausa?) becomes a willing hunting dog of Zionism at a rumour mill station called National Daily Newspaper. His figment of imagination captioned “My Sons Blood Cry For Vengeance” published on the said paper on Wednesday August 6, 2014 is just that. An illusion! A delusion!! A fantasy!!!

For the Zionist hirelings, bloodshed, ineptitude as well as being callously clueless is what is needed for them to derive, if not legitimacy from citizenry but acceptance from their imperialist masters. The hunting dogs of Zionism ably yet shamelessly personified by the fraud called leadership in this great nation will always live to fail in their evil machination against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.