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Religious Harmony: Muslims and Christians celebrate birth of Prophet Isa (Jesus) in Zaria

By Ammar Muhamad Rajab 
Last Sunday evening, Zulkadah 30, 1436 (September 13, 2014) members of the Youth Forum under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in conjunction with Christians from various denominations in Zaria, marked the birth of Prophet Isa (AS).

Held at the Youth Council town hall in Tudunwada Zaria, the occasion was well-attended by both Muslims, students of Sheikh Zakzaky and Christians from members denominations such as Churches of ECWA, CTC, BAPTIST, etc.

The programme was started with opening prayer and recitation from the holy Qur’an, followed by and opening prayer. Head of the Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Zaria branch Isma’il D. Uthman welcomed the guest and introduced speaker at the occasion.

Speaker at the occasion, Malam Ibraheem Tahir Zaria said speaking about Prophet Isa (AS) cannot be exhausted, because it an ocean whose depth remained unknown. “Prophet Isa (AS) was endowed by Allah with distinct and distinguished virtues and personality, which no one can adequately comprehend but Allah”.

He pointed out that among the miraculous events surrounding the personality of Prophet Isa (AS) was his miraculous birth, which has remained the greatest miracle ever witnessed.

Malam Ibraheem Tahir also explained the re-emergence of Prophet Isa (AS) at the end of time, which will correspond with re-appearance of the Imam Mahdi (AF), the Awaited Saviour and Master of the Age.

The appearance of the two luminaries and exalted personalities, he added, will bring about the needed and long awaited harmony, peace, eve development and eventual salvation to the world.

According to him, Muslims and Christians have many good things and divine circumstances in common that call for unity among them.

He stressed that the sectarian violence currently being unleashed around the world in the name of Jihad is fake and act of enemies of both Muslims and Christians.

“Dialogue and proximity is also Jihad, for Jihad is meant to bring about peace and harmony. Let us all be of good conduct, love each other, if we really want Prophet Isa (AS) and Imam Mahdi (AF) to be proud of us”, he added.

He said when Prophet Isa (AS) and Imam Mahdi (AF) re-appeared, they would only be with those whose heart are full of love for each other, and whose efforts and hearts are geared towards harmony and peace.
“The time of Prophet Isa (AS) AND Imam Mahdi (AF) will not be a time for war and killings. It will be time for harmony and development. That time man can ascend or walk to the sky with ease. They will establish one religion on which everyone will follow. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian or Jews, that religions will reign supreme. All will be one family, one community”.

Malam Ibraheem Tahir warned Muslims and Christians against religious violence and verbal attacks: “With this explanation, any Christian who denounces and refutes Imam Mahdi (AF) is equally refuting and denouncing his brother, Prophet Isa (AS). For any Muslim to refute or denounce message of Prophet Isa (AS), he is equally refuting and denouncing the holy Qur’an”.

He appealed to the participants to extend the message of peace to the entire world at the cost of their lives saying, “Prophet Isa (AS) and Imam Mahdi (AF) will stand for in salvation you and be your witness before Allah”.