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Rejoinder to the Advertorial clip released by the Nigerian Govt & aired on NTA:

By H. Elbinawi
The Nigerian Government in order to justify it’s brutal attacks on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria & it’s leadership have yet again released a 3+ minutes propaganda video clip to buttress the fraudulent claims that IMN has a military wing that is a threat to the Nigerian nation.

 And they are frantically searching for ways to cover up their crimes or worst still, even justify it through these mischievous propaganda campaigns.

In the past Nigerians were told that the reason the Nigerian Army killed 1000+ members of IMN, attacked & destroyed the Zaria Husseiniyah & attacked the residence of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim ‪#‎Zakzaky‬, shot him & his wife &was killed his children in front of him, was because members of IMN wanted to "assassinate Nigerian Army Chief". In this video clip another reason was given to justify that Zaria massacre. Let me quote the propaganda video clip:"Credible information received that the sect is stockpiling arms and weapons in its headquarters (Husseiniyah)".

It is important to note that we said from the beginning that the Zaria massacre was a pre-planned imperialist agenda in ‪#‎Nigeria‬ that targeted the rising profile of Sheikh Zakzaky & his Movement. The assassination attempt was just a gimmick by the Nigerian Government to justify the brutal on slaughter & killings.

Both local & international pressures are mounting on the Nigerian authorities on the Zaria massacre, they are desperate to convince Nigerians that killing 1000+ defenseless Nigerians in Zaria was a "necessity". In this propaganda video the Nigerian Government claimed it received "credible information". The question to ask here is from who did the Nigerian Government received this "credible information"? Obviously they received this false information from the American CIA & Israeli Mossad. The fact that they did not find a single bullet in the Zaria Husseiniyah means that information was not credible. It also prove that the Zaria massacre was an Imperialist agenda to ignite a bigger conflict in Nigeria that will plunge the Nigerian nation in to an unending crisis.

From this propaganda video by the Nigerian Government it is obvious that those in authority in Nigeria today are ignorant of the IMN & what is a Husseiniyah. They are just hunting dogs of imperialism that blindly follow the orders of their foreign Imperialist masters.

The IMN will not stockpile arms and weapons in a Husseiniyah or in any other place for that matter. Husseiniyah are primarily Islamic centers for mourning of Imam Hussain (as), the beloved Grandson of the Prophet (sa). Islamic programs and activities are also held in Husseiniyah such as celebrating the birthday anniversaries of Prophet Muhammad (sa) & of Imams. Shia Muslims does these programs in Husseiniyah because Sunni Muslims will not allow them use the Mosques they dominate for these purposes.

The propaganda video of the Nigerian government also claimed that IMN has "hidden agenda against the Nigerian Military". My late father was a retired military Officer, I always cherished his memory & hold in high esteem the institution he served. My late father served the Nigerian nation especially during the Civil War but sadly today imperialism had infiltrated the Nigerian Military & controls it.

For the entire 38+ history of IMN, none of its members have ever attacked the Nigerian Military. In fact the IMN has been a victim of Nigerian Military brutality & massacre. The events of last year when the Nigerian Army killed 34 members of IMN that included 3 biological sons of Sheikh Zakzaky is still fresh in our minds. To this day no a single soldier was prosecuted for that massacre.

Those members of the IMN that you see marching in that propaganda video are the Volunteer Aid Group of the Movement. Many organizations in Nigeria have such units by various names, whose duties essentially is development of the body and soul as well as community service such as crowd control, provision of social services and the rest. Similar units include the Boys Brigade, Boys scout, Girls guide, First Aid groups of various Muslim associations referred to as Yan Agaji in local Hausa language and so on. So what is peculiar or strange with the Hurras group of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria? Conducting match parades or learning of martial arts shown in the video is equally not new or peculiar to the Hurras, and is in line with keeping the body and soul physically fit. Hence all previously mentioned groups similarly embark on such activities. What is strange in the video that should warrant it being an object of clearly a mischievous propaganda against the movement?

On a final note, there is no doubt that the events of 12th and 13th December in Zaria, Nigeria, was a coordinated & pre-planned attack on the IMN and it’s leadership. Thousand plus Nigerians were brutally killed & thousands more were injured some of them deformed for the rest of their lives. One of the reasons that make a society civilized is the utmost respect for human lives, all lives are precious because they were created by God. The world condemned ISIS & BokoHaram today because they cheapen human lives, they brutally kill people by showing no mercy. Such brutal killings were what the Nigerian Army did recently in Zaria.

Wish all Nigerians a peaceful holiday season and may the coming New Year bring peace & abundance to the economically-strangulated Nigerian masses!

Harun Elbinawi