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By Nasir Hashim
Several times in the recent past, Dr Ahmed Gumi made calls on security agents to launch war on shia Muslims of Nigeria. In 2014, after he had written an open letter to Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, in which he accused him (El-Zakzaky) of running something of a cultist organization, many people including myself observed that Dr. Ahmad Gumi might be a CIA.

Since then more highlight has been coming out. He now exposed himself as both CIA and Zionist. He is working for them against shia Muslims and by extension, world Muslim community.

In 2009, there was an attempt to assassinate sheik El-Zaakzaky. Infact, the blue print of the operation suggested massacre of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and his followers, at least in Zaria. Allah in his infinite mercy foiled that conspiracy. It was suspected that Yar adua’s administration, supported by some Muslim scholars, was behind the evil plan. At that time some people doubted, and those scholars if their names were mentioned, they would definitely deny. Now I can boldly say, Ahamd Gumi was one of those scholars. Who is in Doubt? In his interview with “Daily Trust” on Tuesday, 29th December 2015, Ahmad Gumi stated “former President Umar Yar adua told me of the massive importation of ammunitions and weapons to different parts of the country, the president had mentioned Iran as supplying arms to Shiites”.

Again, in “Nation Mirror” news paper of 30th December,  Ahmad Gumi said “Iran suppliers weapons to El-zakzaky in order to run parallel government. Justice deserves everyone irrespective of one’s religious persuation. Every Nigerian is a witness. On the 12th of December, Nigerian Army opened fire on innocent shia Muslims in Zaria killing about a thousand, injured uncountable and arrested many- sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzaky was among those injured and arrested, and is still in detention. They also bulldozed all physical structures belonging to Shiites, across Zaria. The army neither said Shiites shot them back with those kinds of weapons as mentioned by Dr. Ahmad nor did they say weapons and ammunitions were discovered in the demolished buildings. Even their staged managed video clip showed only a few young men holding sticks, stones and cutlasses-perhaps these are the weapons and ammunitions Iran supplied to Shiekh El-zakzaky in order to run parallel Governments.

From every indication Nigerian government and some Muslim scholars are united against shia Muslims in Nigeria, each Party with its own interest. On one hand, the government is unhappy to see a man not working and under authority commanding respect and loyalty from over 25 million Nigerians. Among others, Nigerian Christians have began to recognize sheikh El- Zakzaky as the only hope for the oppressed – underprivileged and the symbol of unity and justice on African Continent.

On the other, the Muslim scholars, especially wahabbists, are worried of the rapid growth of Shia which may in the long or short run supplant them in all parts of the country. Recently, Wahabbists came to realize that propaganda, falsehood and hate preaches in their praying shops cannot stop the rapid spread of Shia, thus, they opted to evil conspiracies. Having cut down Darikas(Sufis) to size in some places around Nigeria, their only target now is Shia.

Peace, blessing and protection of Allah be upon the rightly guided.