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Re: Zakzaky could’ve led uprising worse than Boko Haram’s

In an interview conducted on Daily Trust of Saturday, April 23th, 2016 with Malam Sani Yakubu, Sheikh Zakzaky’s elder brother, who, without feeling any shame or showing maturity – which is expected of elders, blamed his younger brother simply for being Shiite. 

He also erroneously tried to link Boko Haram with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) saying, ‘They’re the first religious group that introduced the ideology of Boko Haram in Nigeria’, which is a blatant lie. Mohammed Yusuf, late leader of Boko Haram, had never been a Shiite and even in the book he wrote on his sect’s ideology, Shiites are the worst infidels.
Contrary to Malam Sani’s views, the IMN has people, from all walks of life in Nigeria. University professors, medical doctors, engineers, high-ranking civil servants, development workers, journalists; all of which are prohibited by Boko Haram.
Regarding cutting family ties, which Malam Sani did, even if Sheikh Zakzaky is confirmed to be following evil’s way, Islam – which Malam Sani claims to adhere to – does not give room for that. Instead, he should show his younger brother the right path, or the religious injunctions which say Shi’a is not Islam. 

Courtesy daily trust: