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Re: Treachery and Conspiracy over Palestine.

By: Harun Elbinawy.

As a regular reader of the Daily Trust newspaper, I had often seen the writings of one Mohammad Qaddam Sidq Isa who is a columnist there. 

I had often wondered why should such a national daily newspaper that has as its cardinal objective not only the unity of Muslims as a sub-set of the Nigerian equation but also the unity of the country, gives platform to a narrow sectarian bigot whose writings widen the gulf between Muslims instead of narrowing this gulf. In the past I had wanted to reply some of his misguided ranting but I thought his arguments were so shallow that even those in deep slumber will not be carried away by his cesspools of deviation, until I saw ‘Treachery And Conspiracy Over Palestine’ that appeared in the Daily Trust of 23rd November, 2012. It totally escaped my attention and I got to know about it only recently.

The writer described Ashura mourning’s as “atheistic rituals, cult’s rite, heretic and savage practices’ in his introduction and that he should have written on it but due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza. A tragedy occurred on 61 AH when the affectionate grandson of the Prophet, Imam Husain Ibn Ali[as],was murdered by a 30,000 army sent by the corrupt Tyrant, Yazeed. It was one of the most tragic events in Islamic history and to this day its effect is widely felt throughout the Islamic world.

Tyrants and oppressors had tried throughout history to dilute this revolutionary event that has one of the most luminous of men as its leader. They fabricated different scenarios to eclipsed what actually happened on that day and one of these scenarios was proclaiming fasting on the 10th of Muharram by concocting ‘Hadiths’ that were fictitious to backed-up such claims. The following points outlined my gross with those fabricated ‘hadiths’:
[1]The ‘Hadith’ claimed that when the prophet came to Madina but unfortunately all the narrators of those ‘hadiths’ were either not physically present at Madina then or were children of 4 years like the case of Ibn abbas. Abu Huraira was an infidel then, Abu Musa al-Ash’ari was in Yemen and Aisha was just a child. How can people narrate tradition while they are absent?
[2]Jews had never fasted on the day Musa[as] gained victory on Pharaoh. The day the Jews fast was on the anniversary of their worship of the calf to atone for their sins.
[3]The month the prophet arrived Madina was Rabiul Awwal and not Muharram as the ‘hadiths’ suggested.
[4The Jewish calendar and the Arab calendar that was in used when the prophet arrived Madina were different so how will fasting coincides with 10th Muharram?
[5]How the Prophet who is the most beloved of Allah blindly follow Jewish tradition? This is a great insult to the personality of Allah’s Apostle. A companion was alleged to have reminded the prophet about this, he now said that Muslims should fast on the 9th and 10!

All tyrants throughout history are averse to the mourning of Ashura and that was why they recruited evil-scholars to created fictitious events to dilute its revolutionary importance. They fear its consequences of awakening a dead society. These court-Ulamas declared it an ‘unwanted innovation’. Fortunately, we are witness to the fact that this ‘unwanted innovation’ had destroyed an empire in Iran and replaced it with an Islamic state where the sovereignty of Allah reigns supreme.

The writer then analyzed his main theme which is Palestine and went on drunken tirades against Iran. It is a well-known fact the world over that Iran today is the greatest supporter, financier and defender of the Palestinian cause. The defunct shah of Iran who was an American puppet had close relations with Israel but after the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979 the Islamic government severed all ties with the Zionist régime. The writer was clearly not happy with the Islamic credentials of Iran and he declared the revolution ‘Persian revolution that brought their turban monks to power’. The only ‘Persian’ in that glorious revolution was majority of the people was Persians but the identity and substance of that great revolution was Islamic. It was a revolution that relied totally on Allah without external imports and today the product of that revolution is knocking on the gates of a world power. The achievements of Iran had exceeded all expectations and today Iran is the pride of world Muslims and other world oppressed.

One of the greatest tragedies of contemporary Islam today is that some people had arrogated to themselves the position of ‘Registrars’, only they decides who is a Muslim and who is not. These people have no viable achievements in propagation of Islam and of being its worthy ambassadors; they are the greatest nuisance to Muslims in the world today. These people are followers of a pretender, Mohammad Ibn Abdulwahab[1703-1792],their greatest distinction is excommunicating 98% of Muslims from Islam by their narrow, warped and deviant interpretation of Islam. They are arrogant and ignorant at the same time, a dangerous mix, and the resultant effect of this mixture is the degrading of the tolerant traditional values of Islam and the most vicious attempt to destroy the unity of Muslims. When the writer mentioned ‘heretic ideology of Shi’ism’ it was part of their distinction.

His dubious claims that Iran ‘arms purchase deals with Israel from 1981 to 1983’ and ‘its intelligent alliance with the US’ are all part of the campaign of calumny orchestrated and engineered by Wahabis who’s governments in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are more guilty of these allegations than anyone. Even the blind knows that Iran is Israel’s greatest enemy and only a fool will believe that Israel will sell arms to its greatest foe. The war that was imposed on Iran through Iraq in 1980 was a hegemonic plot to destroy the Islamic revolution, the western hegemonic powers and their Arab despotic lackeys backed Saddam-Iraq to destroy the new anti-imperialist government in Tehran. Arms embargo was imposed on Iran by the whole world to facilitate the victory of Saddam. The braveness and resilient of the ‘sons of Husain’ thawed this plot and saved the revolution.

The writer ridiculed Iran for providing ‘relatively light weapons to some Palestinian armed resistance groups’. It was obvious the writer is ignorant of the condition of Palestinians or was he blinded by his hatred of revolutionary Iran that he failed to see the present condition of Palestinians? Occupied Palestine is the most closely blocked entity in the whole world today. The Arab despots who are puppets regimes of hegemonic powers are active participants in this blockade.

Iran had been supporting the Palestinian for the past 30 years without asking for anything in return. Iran has been doing these due to its religious and humanitarian obligations. After the recent Gaza aggression, Palestinians placed huge billboards in Gaza to thank Iran for its support and new born babies are being named after the Iranian-made missile,Fajr-5,that instilled fear into the hearts of Zionist. This is in appreciation to the tremendous support the Palestinian resistance is receiving from Iran. All analysts including western agreed that the balance of military power between Israel and Palestine had change in favor of Palestine. That was why Israel was unable to launch a ground attack in Gaza because the Palestinian resistance was armed by sophisticated anti-tank weapons that posed mortal threat to Israeli tanks. That was also why it was Israel that asked for cease fire and not the Palestinians and these enabled the Palestinian resistance to presents conditions that Israel accepted. The Secretary-General of Islamic Jihad said all weapons used by the Palestinian resistance were provided by Iran.

The writers claim that only ‘light weapons’ were provided is baseless and groundless and if I may ask; why didn’t the writer and his Saudi-Qatari master supplied even a bullet to the Palestinian resistance? Do the writer and his likes know how those weapons and equipment’s were smuggled in to Gaza? Do they know the risk those ‘porters’ undertook to get those weapons to the Palestinian resistance? Maybe if the writer, Mohammad Qaddam Sidq Isa, can help in smuggling heavy weaponry like tanks to Gaza, I will gladly make the connections!

The conclusion of the writer was empty, shallow and devoid of any practical solutions to the Palestinian conflict. He said ‘I believe that nothing short of an all-out war can liberate the land’, my question is; an all-out war to be launched by who and to be led by who? Does the writer know what is a war and its preparations? Those the writer called ‘atheist, heretics, cultist etc.’ are today the vanguards of the resistance against the occupation of Palestine and the Ashura mourning’s he ignorantly condemned will be the driving spirit for the liberation of Palestine. People like him cannot last on the battlefield even if they missed their way there; it is Muslims who drank the warm spring of the Husaini revolution that will defeat Zionism in Palestine. The world saw a prelude to that in 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli war where the Lebanese resistance destroyed the myth of invincibility surrounding Israel and defeated its elite Golani brigade on the battlefield.

On a final note, whoever introduced sectarianism into the Palestinian struggle of liberation from a brutal occupation is serving the Zionist agenda. That person is not helping the Palestinian struggle but doing a great dis-service to the cause. Those that cause strife and discords between Islam’s school of thoughts are enemies of Islam and active agents of it greatest enemies. The differences between Islam’s school of thoughts is between what is right and what is wrong not between belief and unbelief. These people must be rejected and exposed by Muslims; this is an obligation……

Harun Elbinawy