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Re: Threat of Attack on Security Formations

threatThis a photocopy of a letter by State Director of Security, Zamfara State to the State Commissioner of Police. Similar messages were sent to all military, police and other security units across the country.

 This is in preparation for clandestine terror attacks by the government secrete terror units with the view to shifting the blame on people the call "Shiite sect". This will pave the way for all the government forces to descent on whosoever they want kill in the name fighting "Shiites". Thus fighting the so called "Boko Haram" would be a thing of the past. The new war of the dogs of the zionists would now be the Islamic movement under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky under the pretext of fighting "Shiites". This kind of criminal idea can only come from cruel but ignoramus idiots. These idiots do not understand the reality of the society they are living in. They make simple and unintelligent calculations and they think it can work. They have the ill will and ill intention to murder but they lack the knowledge of the reality on the ground.

threat letter by sss zamfara kure