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Re: The Goon, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Takfiri Evangelism–

By Mahfuz Mundadu
The piece under the name Muhammad Qaddam Sidq laboured so hard to persuade the gullible minds into believing that Shia and by association, Iran are the two enemies all must labour hard to hate with passion. Since time immemorial this has been a recurring decimal in the history of Takfiri Evangelism.

In the said piece, Muhammad QaddamSiqd assumes the role of a prosecutor, a judge, a witness and an executioner. Yet his argument is anything but logical. He draws conclusion with out premise even as there are some pockets of conclusions based on fallacy. His desperation in making references out of context points to the effect that if your knowledge comes`only from “textbooks”, then there is every reason to believe that one is yet to understand the textbook.

It takes more than reading few chapters from various books to be an expert in any field of human endevour. You can’t read some of the best books in surgery and suddenly lay claim to being a surgeon; not even a morbid anatomist…kai not even a butcher worth the name; just as it takes more than the ability to speak classical Arabic for one to be an expert in the Science of Quranic commentary.

In the piece I made reference to, Muhammad QaddamSidq’s simultaneous accusations against the Islamic republic of Iran as well as Shia include, but not limited to: 1) Politicizing Hajj stampede 2) Demanding a role in the management of Hajj affairs 3) [believing that Mecca] is inferior to Karbala 4) Notoriety in masterminding deadly unrest during Hajj 5) Condemning the United State and Israel [ which the author takes exception to] 6) Involved in sundry act of terrorist activities, often a time using Kuwait as a proxy 7) Invading the Grand Mosques in Mecca (very laughable) 8) Secretive alliance with its [Iran’s] purported enemy 9) Chanting LabbaykaYa Hussein just at a time other Pilgrims are chanting LabbaykallahummaLabbayk.

To politicize is to be political in character and conduct. And to be political is to relate with [the] government or [be interested in the] public affair of a country. To this end politicizing Hajj means that the Islamic Republic of Iran relates with the [Saudi] government regarding Hajj stampede. Yet according to Muhammad QaddamSidq this is a “crime” that we shall all join him in condemning. Or could it be that in spite of him being a polyglot(?) and a public commentator yet he is allergic to the word politics? If I do not think so, then what could be the motive behind such ado about nothingness? Well a proverb in Hausa language says: “if someone decides to hates you, even when you take a dive in to a swimming pool he will accuse you of raising dust!

Muhammad QaddamSidq considers it a crime that the Islamic Republic of Iran demands to play a role in the management of Hajj operations. For argument sake, let us assumed this narration is correct. If Hajj is an act of good deed, and it is, then what is wrong in seeking to be a party to the organising of good deeds? Remember it is the Almighty Allah (SWT) that command all believers to help one another in discharging good deeds. (Taãwanüualalbirriwattaqwa…), yet according this author being obedient to divine command is a crime. Walaatutïykullahallafinmuhiyn. Hammazinmasshaa’in bi namiym. MANNA IN LIL KHAIRI MU’UTADIN ATHIYM.

“…according to Shia doctrine, which is its (Islamic Republic of Iran’s) official religious ideology, Makkah is inferior to Karbala in terms of holiness…” This is yet another salvo fired by the author. To lend credence to this charge the author in part 2 of same piece have this to say: “In one of their thousands of fabricated narrations attributed to Imam Ja’afar As-sadiq, he was reported to have said “He who pays homage to the grave of Hussain on an ordinary day (not Eid) believing in his (i.e. Hussain’s) privileged status, Allah will give him the same amount of reward earned from performing accepted Hajj and Umrah twenty times…

This can be handled from three different perspectives. First being that the Hadith is a fabricated one. Then if it is so what is the stand of scholars in the science of Hadiths as it relates to fabricated tradition? Disregard it. Ignore it. Through it away! Period! Secondly it is a fabricated Hadith found in the books of Shia. As such Shia is guilty of a wrong doing. It can’t be so. This is because fabricated Hadiths are equally found in Sunni authored books. And it will tantamount to academic fraud and intellectual incompetence to condemn Sunni Schools of thoughts or their respected scholars because of such. And if you insist that Shia is guilty because of a fabricated Hadith found in their books, then read what I lifted from TariykhTabari Volume 2 Pages 75 -76:

“It is said that the chiefs of Quraysh like Walid, Aswad and Umayyah met the Prophet and proposed that, in order to remove their mutual differences, both parties should acknowledge the gods of each other. At that moment ‘Surah al-Kafirun’ was revealed in reply to their proposal and the Prophet was ordered to speak thus: "I do not worship that which you worship, nor do you worship Him whom I worship."

Nevertheless, the Prophet was fiery keen to reconcile with his people and wished that an order might be revealed which should lessen the gap between him and his kinsmen. One day he was sitting near the Ka’bah and reciting Surah al-Najm in a sonorous tone. When he reached these two verses. "Have you thought on al-Lat and al-Uzza and thirdly on Manat?"Satan suddenly made him utter another two sentences viz: "these are ‘Gharaniq’ who are high in position and their intercession is acceptable", and then he recited the remaining verses. When he reached the verse of sajdah (the last verse of the surah) the Prophet himself as well as all others present, whether Muslims or idolaters, performed sajdah before the idols…

Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Jarir Al-Tabari need no introduction in the Sunni world. Now read and reread this passage. Please be reminded that some Sunni authors of Quar’anic commentary equally quoted same in their books. This is a heavy one. In alleging that the devil tricked the Holy prophet into worshipping idols the foundation of Islam comes to naught. God forbid. Now shall we accuse the Sunni world of plotting against Islam? That will proof to be illogical as it is irrational. So what applies here shall and must apply there.

The third possibility is that the Hadith is authentic. Then does that imply that Mecca is inferior to Karbala, even according the authors account. Here him one more time: “the same amount of reward earned from performing accepted Hajj and Umrah twenty times”How can one be this naïve? Where is the word inferior? " Whosoever reads the heart of the Quraan(i.e. SuraYa-seen) in Ramadhan will receive the same amount of reward earned from reading the whole Qur’an ten times" (Tirmidhi).

Does that suggest that the Holy Qur’an is inferior to a part in it? How can you be this mischievous? Why must you misinform and misinterpret simply because you are inching and itching to misguide. Mr., you are suppose to be an educated person. And when we were all graduating we were all reminded that we qualified for the certificate because we have been found worthy in character and learning. Meaning you may have all the certificates in this world and yet you would have many more areas of human endeavour you remain ignorant about and therefore in need of learning from. How do you expect to be of worthy character by being a fraud intellectually and dishonest academically? Or could you be knowing yet deciding not to know? Could it be that you are conscious of the truth but decided to throw up some carefully constructed lies? Must you stoop this low before you can earn a living?

Notoriety in masterminding deadly unrest during Hajj is another “count charge” coming from the author. What he did not acknowledge however, is that Hajj tragedy did not start with the emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the risk of boring the readers I dare present to you the summary of the tragedy from 1975 to date.

1975: A fire during the year’s Hajj in Mina killed about 200 pilgrims.

1979: WhenOtayba and Juhayman clans of Arabia (not Iranians)sought refuge in al-Majid al-Haram when their alleged plot to overthrow the Saudi regime was uncovered (obvious dissension from within), the Wahhabi regime brought French and Moroccan paratroopers. This is done in complete violation of Qur’anic injunction (Wa man dakhalahuukaanaaaminan). This claimed the lives of 230 peoplemost of them right inside the Haram.

1987:Saudi security forces commanded by a German General Ulrich Wegner`shot and killed Pilgrims most of them Iranians. The massacre was orchestratedin spite ofthe prior arrangements agreed between the Iranian and Saudi authorities for the Bara’at min al mushrikeen march to take place (this is based on the Qur’anic command in Surah al-Tawbah, ayat [9:03]). – Crescent International.

1990: On July 2, some 1,426 Muslim pilgrims were trampled to death in a stampede in a pedestrian tunnel outside of Makkah in Mina. The stampede occurred because the Saudi security forces closed the tunnel exit because some ‘prince’ and his entourage were passing nearby!

1994:  A stampede near the Jamarat site in Mina where pilgrims undertake the ritual of stoning the devil killed 270 pilgrims. This unfortunate incidence was attributed to lack of effective and efficient crowd control.

1997: On April 17, a fire in the tents in Mina killed 346 pilgrims and injured 1,500 others.

1998:  Stampede resulted in the death of 180 pilgrims close to the Jamarat site. 

2001: Early morning stampede at the same Jamarat site killed 145 pilgrimsas a result of the Pilgrims being held in traffic for about 8 hours instead of the usual 20 minutes’ duration.

2003: 14 pilgrims were killed in a stampede during the stoning ritual when thousands of people were forced by Saudi police to pass through a narrow passageway.

2004: Stampede at the same Jamarat site killed 251 pilgrims and injured another 244.

2005: 3 pilgrims were crushed to death in a stampede at the stoning site in Jamarat in Mina.

2006: A four-storey hotel just 60 meters from the walls of al-Masjid al-Haram “collapsed” (or could it be a control demolition?), killing 76 people and wounding dozens of others.

2006:  A few days later, 364 pilgrims were killed in a stampede during the stoning ritual in Mina.

2015: At least 115 people are killed and hundreds injured when a crane (was made to) collapsed into al-Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, Islam’s holiest site, on September 11.

2015: On September 24, another stampede resulted in the death of some 2,000 pilgrims. This is the direct result of Saudi security forces blocking two streets as well as gates leading to the stoning site. Reports say that deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and his entourage of some 350 security personnel were passing through and heading toward the palace where king Salman was receiving ‘dignitaries.’ In all these God, Shia and Iran were blamed by the Takfiri Apprentice; the Takfiri Priest. And Takfiri Prince.

QaddamSidq accused the Islamic Republic of condemning the United State and Israel for their endless atrocities against Islam and the Muslim and he does not seem to be happy with that. Well…birds of the same feather flock together. For us we are happy being in the “bad” books of the gangsters. That is a charming cosmetics. A medal of honour. Yes, it can not for the chicken-hearted. The accusation of invading the Grand Mosques is as laughable as it is ridiculous. QaddamSidq accused Iran of secretive alliance with its purported enemy. But how do you know if it is really secretive?

The author suggests that chanting Ya Hussein is unIslamic. This is my take on that. The usual proof advanced include verse 18 in Surat Al-Jinn: “And that the mosques are Allah’s, therefore call not upon anyone besides Allah”. The last verse in Surat Al-Yunus says: “And do not call besides Allah on that which can neither benefit you nor harm you.” Anybody that considers “Dua” to be synonymous to worshipping should as well explain this; “He (Prophet Noah) said: my Lord! I have called (“Da’autu” from “Dua”) my people night and day” (71:5). Does that mean Noah has been worshipping his people night and day? Absolutely not! With this we come to appreciate the fact that there is nothing wrong in a servant calling another servant for help. Now the question is that Hussein is in his grave and he is as such d***. Never, because he is martyr. And in the Glorious Qur’an we were warned again not only saying but even thinking that a martyr is dead. So we are calling on a glorious servant of Allah (SWT) that is live and alive. Inna haazihiytazkira. FamanshaaattakhazailaaRabbihiysabiyla…

To overlook the state sponsored act of terrorism perpetrated by the US government and the illegal state of Israel against humanity and Arab and Islam in particular and accused a victim of such a heinous crime of being the aggressor tantamount to schizophrenic phobia at its feverish pitch. Fa innahalaataamalabsaaruwalaakintaamalquluubul laity fissuduur.