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Re: Supreme Council for Sharia describes Shiites group as hypocrites

By Mahdi Garba 

Yesterday, while surfing the internet for news I came across two news items  on Leadership and Nigerian Tribune newspapers. Two they appear but share mutual contents. 

The first report was titled “Supreme  Council for Sharia describes Shiites group as hypocrites” while the later was headlined “Zaria Clash: Indicted Shiites must not go unpunished-Sharia Council”.

These two headlines have transit me to a state of voluminous thought. And, questions began to brainstorm on who are behind this group, what is it mission and vision and most importantly as an Islamic group, what are their contributions towards the development of Islam in Nigeria?

I found my answers after reading the news items patiently. As the group Chairman goes by a name, Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun which I am familiar with as an unapologetic Wahabi figure in Kaduna and it environ.  Also, he is well-known to politicians as he glued to their corridors hunting for what to eat, for a living. 

It is distressing to a see a fraudster masquerading as  a cleric and speaking basing all his allegations against the Islamic movement on hearsay.

Read the clown as I quote him verbatim “From the little  we heard about the submitted report of the commission of inquiry into the Military/Shiites clash last December, the council calls on the government to release the White paper on the crisis. This will go a long way in curbing the menace of Shi’a in our society”. 

The  so called Chairman of SCSN hasn’t read the recommendations of the JCI but having primary knowledge on who and why of the JCI, also from the ‘little he heard’ he concluded his fallacies. It sounds strange that a Chairman of a  ‘supreme’ Islamic group cannot set his hands on the report that was cooked by the JCI to read it, but relied on the tittle-tattle he heard from the road side.

To  show that he belong to the Wahabi school of thought that recognizes no one as Muslims, Sambo said “…it has become obvious that Shiism is not Islam” as the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau and ISIS leader al-Baghadadi labored in their seditious sermons.

He further said the Shiites must be punished for their role in the clash because according to him, their (Shiites) attitude towards the army was unislamic. But he forgot to educate the public on whether extrajudicial killing is Islamic or not. Probably, he is in a haste to go and spend what he received in the brown envelope. 

Well, henceforth from JCI to SCSN and any group of that nature should be noted; for they are Trojan horses sent by their masters to subvert the path of justice.