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RE: Supreme Council for Sharia Call Government to Ban Islamic Movement

By Saminu Azare
My attention has being drawn over the recent statement made by the so called Sharia Council on Sunday, August 7,2016 which was published on National dailies calling on the Federal Government to ban the activities of Islamic Movement in Nigeria

after the Kangaroo report of Kaduna Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Nigerian Army attacked on peaceful followers of Islamic Movement in Nigeria during their religious gathering on 12-14,December 2016 which resulted to the deaths of over 1000 Muslims faithful including Students, women and children was  release by to the general public.

First and foremost the Wahabinism scholar Sheikk Yusuf Rigachikum who read the communiqué after their meeting in Kaduna that shi’sm is not Islam and should be banned, the ugly Wahabinism scholar does not know Islamic history talk-less of the background of shi’sm and Sunni in the history of Islam, he does not know how shi’a Islam came into being,and the first group of revels that refused to obey the constituted authority of the successor of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, the hypocrite group of Damascus that brought disunity among the Islamic society which gave birth to “Ahul Sunnah Wal’ Jama’at” that metamorphosed to “Wahabinism” the worst enemies of Ahlul Bayt (Families of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

Sheikh Rigachikun called on Government to ban the activities of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, this is funny statement, laughable because the he who does not attend Western Education andmight not knowthe provision of Nigeria constitution, it is obvious Nigeria was a secular State and later changed to multi-religious country which every citizen has freedom of worship and Association, this freedom of believe is God given in the universe and nobody in this world can take it away, no Governmentin Nigeria that has moral and legal justification to ban activities of any religious group in the multi-religious country like Nigeria, even if you decides to worship Idols you are permitted constitutionally this is what President Buharihas sworn on 29th May, 2015 to protect its liberty.

Even in Saudi-Arabia which is the leading Wahhabism Government in the world, it recognize Shi’ism as Islam and it does not ban the activities of Shi’a Muslim in their country and has recognize Iranian Government as Islamic Republic where does RigachikamSatanic revelation.

If Sheikh Yusuf Rigachikum as he parades himself is a true Muslim why did he support the killings of our 1000 followers of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under Islamic or Nigerian constitution he relies on? What images of Islam was he trying to portray? Does Islam justify the the killing of innocent Muslims on allegation of road blocked?

A good researcher can easily trace theWahhabism ideology with that of ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida, Al-SHABAB and Boko Haram who believes if you don’t practice their ideology, it is a Jihad to kill innocent life that’s why those Wahabinism/Sunni terrorist group kill innocent civilian indiscriminately everywhere in the world.

Notwithstanding, there is no single Shia terrorist group in the world because they don’t believe in injustice against humanity. 

Since 1980, a number of conflicts bloody conflicts with a specific ethno-religious character in Northern Nigeria. In 1980 in KasuwanMagani, in 1984 in ZanganKataf, in 1987 in Kafanchan and Lere, 1991 in Tafawa Balewa and Sharia crisis in 2001 in Kaduna were mastermind by Wahabinism Muslim scholars who does not value the innocent blood of anybody that does not belong to their useless ideology.

It is well known that Wahabinism are the course of religious crises in Nigeria, in 1976 when General Murtala Muhammad was killed Late Abubakar Gummi the leading Scholar of Wahhabism made provocative and inflammatory statement that he was killed because of his Islamic inclination just to ignite religious crises  and unrest in the society.

In the holy Qur’an Almighty Allah call Christians with respect as AhlulKitab means the believers of Holy Book and mentioned idol worshippers in the city of meccah as Kafirun, but Wahabinism change it and call Christians with “Kafirai” just to provoke them with hatred name.

Someone who does not value the blood of his muslims brothers just because of ideological differencies how will he live in peoce with non muslims.

Wahabinism do not live in Peace and unity with all muslims like “DarikaQadiriya’’ led by sheik Abdul JabbarNasiruKabara and “DarikarTijjaniyya“ led by Sheikh DahiruUsman Bauchi.

What type of religion do they worship that teaches them violent and confrontation with other Nigerians?

Lastly no any Government in Nigeria that can ban the activities Islamic movement which has over 20 million followers in this country, the Government may end up being in shame which may lead to its collapsed.