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By Harun Elbinawi
I wish to reply the press statement of the above-named group signed by one Dr. A.A Mubarak who is the Secretary General, SHIMAN.This faceless group is claiming to be the umbrella body for all "peaceful and law abiding Shia groups in Nigeria". If I may ask them some questions:

+ Is the brutal and inhuman genocide of 1000+ children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015 peaceful and law abiding?
+ Is the burying alive of Shia children in Mando mass grave by Elrufai according to the comprehensive report of the London-based Amnesty international peaceful?
+ Is the burning alive of dozens of Shia Muslims in the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky peaceful?
+ Is the presence of multiple Shia mass graves in Nigeria created by Buhari, Elrufai and gang peaceful?

The press statement quoted brother Ibrahim Musa:

“When in 2015 government massacred members of the Islamic movement, they celebrated and rushed to form another organization called SHIMAN to be an umbrella organization to finalize the “burial of Islamic Movement” with government support, so as to deceive the public into believing that Shiites is not the target”.

They condemned this statement but I totally support it. It is the truth and the whole truth.

The press statement read:

"We, in the SHIMAN believe that we don’t have any other country to serve and protect its integrity than Nigeria. We promise ourselves not to allow any individual person or organization inside Nigeria or from any foreign country to use us or use our association against the national interest of our great country."

I believe these Shameless fraudsters should direct this statement to Buhari, Elrufai and gang who brutally murdered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in December 2015 just to please bloodthirsty Saudi Kingdom. Last year April the Saudi crown prince clearly stated that they are behind the Zaria genocide and the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. The video is available.

As their genocidal masters sent them to deceive the gullible, they prayed for "peace". They prayed for the peace without justice! Families of victims of the Zaria genocide are waiting for justice. They are also waiting for the remains of their loved ones!