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Re-Sheikh Gumi will never support injustice

By Ibrahim Usman 
The controversial and uncertified publisher of Kaduna-based tabloid, Desert Herald, Tukur Mamu, recently responded to the rejoinder by the Media Wing of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, when his client Dr. Ahmad Gumi made uncouth statements on His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

The “Media Consultant” to Dr. Gumi responded to many public reactions against his client bordering on national (political) issues, which earned him public outrage. Mamu should have stopped short of mentioning Sheikh Zakzaky’s name and concentrated on how to entangle his client from the political web he found himself.                                                     

For Mamu to say that, his client’s statement was “purely an admonition to the leader of the Shiites” is hypocritical, as Dr. Gumi had never done that secretly or openly in the past. What we have been hearing from the mouth of Dr. Gumi on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers had always been baseless criticisms, inciting public disaffection and calling on the government to kill his followers. The tapes of his Talk Show at Sultan Bello mosque, especially those of 2009, were full of such unfortunate utterances. What Mamu could not openly say is that, his client was green with envy and nursing deep-seated self-abasement when he witnessed the sea of human flow on Arba’een symbolic trek to Zaria on his way to Dutse.     

 The fact that his client has quoted verses from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith out of context does not make his statement right. We are used to his mechanical twist of verses and traditions to justify and satisfy his interest, promote a political candidate or incite disaffection against perceived enemies. If Mamu or his client are ignorant on the belief of others, let them objectively seek further explanation, not from anyone but those practicing it, rather than resorting comic blackmail and campaign of calumny on pages of newspapers to attract cheap publicity.

The consultant and his client are birds of the same feather, two of a kind, if nothing else they are close neighbours. On the Ashura bomb attack in Potiskum, Mamu said it was “largely the fault of the Shiite leaders”, and accused government for allowing the procession to take place. In other words, he blamed the government for allowing the “Shiites” practice their belief. Mamu should answer this question: was it the fault of the Imam of the Kano Juma’at mosque, who led the prayers when bomb attacks were made? Was it also the fault of leaders of the National Union of Road Transport Workers for opening the motor park gates, knowing fully that such places were targets for terrorist attacks? He should also fault leaders of market traders for allowing economic activities to take place, knowing fully that markets were being targeted.

On the Arba’een Trek, which Mamu and his client so much detested, he reasoned that it inconveniences other people that do not share the belief. Then let him also reason with this: The mosque committee at the Sultan mosque where his client prays, closes the road every Friday as early as 10 am in preparation for Juma’at prayer that takes place at 2 pm! This is the case everywhere in Kaduna, whereby the city is plunged into chaos, pandemic and open mob action. This public inconveniences and discomfort takes place every seven days, I therefore see no reason Mamu and his client should cry over an event that takes place once a year. It is the pot calling the kettle black. At no point in time had Mamu and his client complained of road blockade by politicians, merry-makers and other unnecessary displays. The “Shiites” are citizens of this country with every right to practice and display their belief, just as the Wahabbi Izala and Darika, even if other people do not share it.

We have every right to believe that Mamu’s client is doing Israel’s dirty work with or without its consent, for one can execute their agenda without knowing it. It is part of Israeli agenda to set divisions among Muslims through Takfiri pronouncements, and this is the pre-occupation of Mamu’s client. We can never forget his statement during last year’s “Tafsir”, where he described Israel as “The only country established based on religious belief”, and that the Palestinian freedom fighters and Hizbullah can never defeat Israel because they are not officially recognized entities! Two years, back Mamu’s client said, western nations demonstrated the Qur’anic injunction of unity more that the Muslims by establishing the United Nations!

Mamu can never be a good trumpet for Dr. Gumi, for the tunes are misguided. His media consultant has been thrown and left in the scorching desert by the very profession he claimed. Reason? Find out.