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Re: Iranian Backed Terrorist Worked to Destabilised Africa

By Buhari Bello Jega
This is a story for the gullible minds. From the analysis and storyline its shows the writer is very ignorant of his subject matter. Unfortunately the attempt by the writer to link Hezbollah and Islamic Movement in Nigeria with the crisis in the African region, but, failed woefully, 

because what we are seeing and happening in Africa is geostrategic warfare for the control of African mineral resources which United State of America is serving as the head coach and the illegal state of Israel is the captaining with the determination, rascality and wickedness.

Just like the scholars you quoted mentioned, the West and America left Africa, thinking they have already conquered the continent’s resources, and move to Middle East and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, for them, China came with allot of opportunities, especially with the business of reciprocal gestures. By building and constructing dams, roads, houses, power, rail lines, modernization and trading with lazy Africa leaders and to be paid with mineral resources. This is a better bargaining to lazy African leaders and Africans instead of wholesome stealing, plunder and destabilisation we are used to in our 100 years relationship with the West and United State of America. And in a short possible lifespan, China was taking over African business interests and concession against the interests of Americans and her allies, which in normal circumstances is a better deal. The policy of reciprocal gesture is a great and smart move by the Chinese against arrogant and exploitative cowboys and bandits.

The reality, ever since we got our independence from the colonialists, the only achievement and support we got from them is in the area of supporting separatists group against popular government to fight and sale arms; military coups and counter coups to sale arms and killing humanity; arming of civilians against another, ethno religious crises and conflicts and indebtedness, thereby crippling our economy, political hegemony, and social cohesiveness. If the years of relationship between Africa and the United State, Europe and Israel only resulted to high degree of wickedness, exploitation, plunder, indebtedness and anti people induced policies are the legacies of this interaction and friendship, indeed, one will be more than willing to open the door and walk with a friend (China) on the pedestrian bridges of reciprocal gesture, who is ready to build not to destroy while you pay with resources that is exploited and plunder by our so called friends and supporters in the last 100 years. For the sake of China today the poorest Africa country Niger Republic has a refinery. It was a smart move indeed, to turn our back to the West where the sunset and faces the East where the sunrises according to President Robert Mugabe. So, Mr Sean you see these are the backed terrorists and pirates that are destabilising the continent. Let move on please!

Indeed the champions of free economy, liberalism and democracy were not happy with this reversal of fortune, thus the need to create a counter revolution and destabilization in the region became the most pressing agenda on the table. And the only way to uproot Chinese influence from the continent is through the creation of pseudo pax and fake Islamic groups, because they knew China never intervened in internal politics and affairs of nations states. This gives the US and her allies the opportunity to intimidate and harassed lazy and incompetent African leaders to submission.

So, we know who are destabilizing and arming various groups please, not this perfidy you just presented. They were equally caught off guard by the Islamic Reawakening which started in Tunisia and spread like contagious disease to other African countries. It was something there weren’t prepared for, but, they later hijacked it and Destabilised the oil rich Libya and stole all the gold reserved of Colonel Muamar Ghaddafi. So, when you talk of destabilization, one begin to wonder, whether the whiskey or beer you took while writing this bunkum was really the problem for this misfit or generally from your picture you look dumb and ignorant? Because Africa was never Destabilised in the last 50 years like what we are seeing today, where the exploiters just like the Berlin conference have shared the continent into their spare of influence- France is now the official police man of most of the continent crises areas on behalf of all other allies of the Europe and America – Mali, Central African Republic, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (with USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ) Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and the mystery of John Korny who only God knows how many time they will informed the world they have killed him.

So, Mr Sean one wonder with all these crisis we are witnessing which were openly supported and sponsored by your sponsors, one begin to get confused, when you talk about Iranian backed terrorist? Who defines who is a terrorist? Is terrorism synonymous to killing of innocent civilians and invading other countries? If this is the meaning then your sponsors and country of origin are the biggest terrorists in the world, from colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and post anarchism in 21st Century. In the 60 years of Africa independence we don’t know who these Iranian backed terrorists are; because they have never hurt or committed crime against humanity. Even the names you just mentioned, we find it strange indeed, because, we don’t know who the Africa Hezbollah are? And in the last 40 years existence of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria it’s has been the most peaceful Islamic movement but equally most oppressed Islamic group movement in Nigeria? So, does patience, perseverance and steadfastness and submission to Allah constitute attributes of terrorism or terrorist organization? I really don’t know if this is common sense or ignorance or hatred or just stupidity? Anyway, for someone who is a product of hatred and Zionist apologist like you who wrote this bad piece, am not surprise because the Palestinian who imbibed these attributes are called terrorist and are daily massacre by your bloodthirsty government.

Mr Sean, just to put some issues to their proper perspectives, not for your ignorance sake, because, I know your heart is as hard as stone, truth and fact will never pass through, but, for the sake of our innocent readers, who might be carry away by your intellectual rubbish. Ever since the emerging of the so called Zionist group called Boko Haram the only beneficiaries to these violence that have profited from this extremist violent is the state of Israel, because they did not only took over Defence contracts, but, became the major advisor to Nigerian government. Indeed, for them to be seemed to be working, the various killing industries needed to be open and human flesh needed to be slaughter to prove that, the work of Defence contractors and advisors are really working. We know the trillions of naira that was siphoned and looted between the compromised Nigerian government officials and Israelis agents in the name of fighting Boko Haram. The current revelation of mass looting including five Israelis companies attested to the involvement of your country and agent of death in destabilizing Nigeria and other African countries. So one begins to wonder who are the really backed terrorists? And who is destabilizing who, where and how?

On the case of Lebanese allegedly frame and arrested on the instruction of your government, permit me to say, the court had released them and declared them of innocence, so, who are you to used that as a justification? For your information, these men you are accusing, were not only framed by the agent of Israel who took over the structures and security of Nigerians, but, it was laughable, the obsolete weapons that were planted and display to the world. May be Mr Sean failed to inform the world, the two Israelis arrested in South Africa with over $9.3 million trying to buy weapons for Boko Haram fighters, or maybe they were part of African Hezbollah fighters Mr Sean is referring to?

May i put to you on record, that, in the last 40 years since the emergence of Islamic Movement in Nigerian under the leadership and guardianship of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, they have never used weapons or stick to defend themselves against the brutality and killing by the Israelis induced regimes in these four decades? If this is contestable, then, Mr Sean and his co-travellers need to provide us with evidence please?  Then one begins to wonder where Mr Sean got his information and finding from? For your ignorance and arrogance, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is about reviving hearts and souls to go back to Celestine and purified teaching and practises of Islam, which the revered leader and scholar has so far achieve because, the giant (Islam) has been reawaken in the heart of people especially the youngsters that you are doing everything to poisoned and destroyed through immoral conduct.

May I remind you, that, as a student of international relations, political economy, peace and conflicts resolutions, we were reminded in various critical books, that, if they were any country that are threats to African peace and stability are the trio and activities of agents of State of Israel, United State of America and European allies who over the years were fingered in assassinating dedicated and pious African leaders or sponsoring the destabilization of the continent for resources gains and thievery. A classical example is the recent destruction of the most developed state of Libya.

Libya was African success story, but, your agents and American and NATO destroyed such a paradise for your imperialism adventure and thievery. So, one begin to wonder, who Mr Sean is addressing – his children or the gullible and ignorant citizens of your country? For us, we have never been blessed with a leader that has call and change the direction of youth and society like what we saw with Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, a man of peace, a bridge builder, friend to all including Christians and animists; a moral and Spiritual conscience of Africa. In all this 40 years of advocacy, enlightenment, preaching, spiritual reawakening and engagement and societal restoration, nobody even his enemies can attest to his peaceful message and call for unity and coexistence.

If I may understand Mr Sean, is indeed, his call and engagement that is a direct threat to your sponsors and their activities in Nigeria. They and their local agents have always used centrifugal forces and tools to divide the people against themselves while they continue to loot and exploit their resources. Indeed, people are begin to understand themselves thanks to the great works and sacrifice of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his able lieutenants who are touring various places across the country and continent, preaching peaceful coexistence and unveiling the evil plans of your sponsors and presenting true Islam to the people against your sponsored Islam and it’s extremist adventures.

Mr Sean indeed you did a bad job, because, from all indication, you seem to be a man that lack intellect, wisdom and knowledge, as most of your write up is full of quotation, instead of what you actually believe in. For a researcher and writer that you claim to be, you could have spend time to visit and make your own investigations not to relies on agents of state capture in making ascertain that have so far been debunk by scholars of international repute.

For your information, even the Nigerian security and their international agents and your sponsors have given up, on the issues of Iran sponsoring the activities of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, because their agents and spies have told them the home truth. It is a self financing and voluntary movement. It is the contribution of the so called insignificant people among the lower cadres of the Nigerian economic spectrum that is financing the activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria with Allah’s blessing. Anyway, I know you cannot understand nor appreciate what "Allah’s Blessing" means, because a liar and ignorant person like you, you lack the heart and the spirituality to understand that, that, is why you are coming up with this bunkum as a way of justification. The sacrifice, commitment and mercy of God to His servant is what is at work, that is why you and your sponsors are confused with the growing wave and tides of understanding and appreciation of the true Islamic message of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky among Nigerians and none Nigerians alike.

Mr Sean for your information, only cowards carries guns and bombs to fights Islamic battles. Islamic Battles are fought and won with intellectual discourse, presenting of facts and using wisdom to call and remind people about their responsibility and cautioning them against the bobby traps of enemies like you and your sponsors. That is why, the provocation of July 25, 2014 and attempt to structured and instigate revolt and crisis between the government and Islamic Movement in Nigeria failed, because the spiritual conscience of Africa Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) knew the antics of the enemies and bloodthirsty gangsters and refused to react even when his three children were among the 34 victims of the bastard act. If in your submission is correct, that Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is terrorist and run a terrorist cell, do you thing, he will tour the line of patience and surrendering his activities to God while the blood of his three children and 31 followers were still fresh? I don’t think so. But, because, he is a man of peace and understands, he calls for calm and understanding among followers, until God’s judgment takes it course. Indeed God answers his prayers, as your dog and agent in leadership position that does your bidding Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was humiliated and throws out into the dustbin of history and he is facing his judgment at the public court before God’s judgment.

While i will leave the Hezbollah issues and Iran for them to responds on their own part of the allegation and distortion, but, one thing is clear from your information, we all know from where all these drugs are coming from? Secondly we all know from where all these weapons are coming from? And it is evidence ever since the son of fisherman and hopeless soul to have ever visited our cherish farm of greatest Goodluck Ebele Jonathan surrender our security and sovereignty to State of Israel we never knew peace or security, even when they were in charge of the advisory and tactical training. The last six years we have witness the Gazanization of Nigerian Muslims in the name of fighting Boko Haram.

So, Mr Sean you need to come and do practical research to find out who is the most respected Nigeria Muslim, and the answer will be Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. So, attempting to create fire or red flags where there is none is like trying to rewrite the story of the disobedience of the Jewish people against God’s command as contained in both the bible and The Holy Quran. If I am to score you on this job I will give you minus zero, because, your paper lack substance, knowledge and even understanding of the subject matter. This is because for reality, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is the hope and future of the Nigerian people, because there is no one that has the answers and will cut off the arms of imperialists and parasitic elements in this country, like the vision, conviction, sagacity, pragmatic display and spiritual acumen of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. So, please you have to go back and do a good job, and spend time to do an empirical job please, not this perfidious bunkum, then we continue the discussion.

Bukhari M. Bello Jega