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By Dr. A. Danladi.
The tell magazine of June, 2013 in its lead story carried a story captioned: Insecurity: The Middle East factor. In the story one Anayochukwu Agbo narrated the findings of the Nigerian Security apparatus on ‘finding’ arms and ammunitions in Kano at a residence linked to a Lebanese. 

The story implies that some other Lebanese business men operating in Nigeria are connected to the arms saga. “The SSS followed up the leads from questioning these individuals and uncovered series of terror activities being perpetrated by Iranian cells belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Quds Force in Nigeria. Elsewhere in the write up Mr Abgo states “Iran and Hezbollah share political and strategic military co-operation globally.

Whoever might have written the article displayed ignorance of simple facts. Take for example “Hezbollah was initially formed by Iran in 2001 and has since co-ordinated terrorism around the world with Iranian sponsors”. Ask an averagely informed person he will tell you Hezbollah was created around 1982. Can you see how Mr Agbo or whoever the writer might be is retarded for about two decades in his information? As to Hezbollah being a terror group, I wonder what Mr Agbo will call the illegal state of Israel, which is the only state created on basis of terror. How can a group of people fighting for their freedom and their dear religion be termed as terrorists? Anybody thinking of or referring to Hezbollah as terrorist group may need to re-examine the definition of terrorism.

As to the issue of Hezbollah and Iran planning to attack Israeli interests, the catches of arms displayed emphasis the shallow mind of the writer. How can rusted weapons described as “both extensive and diverse”   be found in pristine and shinning food warmers under wardrobes?  How can Hezbollah that is sophisticated enough to send spy drones in to the air space of the unlawful state of Israel be so low as to be carrying weapons in food flasks? If Hezbollah is planning to attack the embassy of the illegal state of Israel in Abuja, why should they decide to pile up the arms in far-away Kano? If one may ask, why should Hezbollah have interest in attacking the so called Israeli interest in Nigeria? Wouldn’t it be easier and more strategic to attack the so called Israeli interests in Egypt, Jordan or other neighbouring countries?

Now on the attempt to link up the ‘discovered arms’ with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the write has yet succeeded in displaying his hatred for Islam and his total and absolute ignorance of what the Islamic Movement in Nigeria stands for. It has been said and will be reiterated that arms have no place and are not needed in the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Do you think the teeming followers of the Movement that make you and your remote masters prickly were gathered using arms? Belief and commitment to the universal religion of Islam and the move to change people’s way of life is what the movement stands for. The movement appeals to human mind to reflect and consider our mission as servants of Allah on earth and shun evils that may detract us from this noble course.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria predates the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran; this information is known to all profound observers of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. So, for anyone to think that it is the Islamic revolution in Iran that produced the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is erroneous. The unsubstantiated allegation that “Zakzaky’s opportunistic association with the Iranian regime was rewarded with substantial funds and training, both religious and military” is equally imprudent. Why must it be Iran to provide funds for Sheikh Zakzaky? Who funded the Holy Prophet of Islam that has prospered in changing the world? Who funded Sheikh Usman bn Fodio when he stood against the tyrannical regime of his time? Who funded Imam Khomeini that was able to gallantly defeat the world arrogant powers backing the Shah during the Islamic revolution in Iran that you claim to be funding Sheikh Zakzaky?


The fictitious Adel Assadinia, whom you claimed to be a former senior Iranian that said the Islamic Movement, would strike Western interests on Iran’s behalf when the time is ripe, may either be non-existent or on the payroll of the Israeli regime you are eager to please.

A lot of issues were incorrectly raised in the write up of Mr Agbo. We believe the aim is to link up the Islamic Movement in Nigeria with the arms saga in which some Lebanese were dragged into. The attempt to connexion the Movement with the so called international terror groups can be described as sheer stupid. The Movement has been in existence for about thirty five years, with open and transparent public activities. It is therefore surprising how overnight some dubious unknown writer is attempting to portray the hitherto peaceful and alternative solution to Nigerian dilemma and predicaments as being a terror group.

When Tell magazine came into existence in the early 90s it promised to tell the truth. This time around, the write up of Mr Agbo is nothing but carelessly synthesized lies with evil intents. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria therefore demands for an open apology particularly to our revered leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky whose personality was evilly portrayed. We also demand that the Nigerian Union of Journalists should sanction the Tell magazine.

 Dr. Abdullahi Danladi

Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

15th June, 2013