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By Haruna Elbinawi
A friend on his doctorate program at the University of Lagos drew my attention to the above-named article in TELL magazine by one Anayochukwu Agbo and I decided to read the article and understand its content.

The easiest place to get hold of the article was on the net because the TELL magazine we all knew in the past is not the TELL magazine of today. It’s a Lagos-based magazine and due to the fact it has lost it glorious past of been at the fore-front of democratic struggles,one can hardly see it in the vendor tables in most states of Northern Nigeria due to the acute shrinkage of audience and readership.So the easiest place for me was the net,when I opened the website the first news feature that attracted my attention was “Netanyahu to open Auschwitz display”-it’s a linked to BBC.

I smiled when I saw this link and I decided to read through the article my friend mentioned,after going through it I realized that TEEL magazine is serving the agenda of Israel and promoting the policies of a foreign power at the detriment of peace, unity and security of Nigeria.There is no doubt to the fact that the greatest enemies of Israel today are Iran and Hezbullah but if some Christian-Zionist tries to enmesh Nigeria into this conflict by taking sides with a criminal and brutal regime that had stolen a whole nation of Palestine, mass-murdered its inhabitants and those that survived either sent them to concentration camps under the names of ‘Gaza’ and ‘West Bank’ and the remaining fled to exile to live in refugee camps for the past 65 years then it is very dangerous.

My readers will ask ‘who is a Christian-Zionist?’ Zionism is a racist ideology that is anchored on the wrong notion of Jewish-superiority and laid false claim to the land of Palestine as the ancestral home of Jews. The United Nation once equated Zionism to Racism. The Christian-Zionists are those Christians who believed in the above definition of Zionism despite the fact they are not Jews and also believed the grand deception that all Israeli atrocities and crimes are ‘God-ordained’. For example, if Israel murders Palestinian Muslims and Christian women and children then according to these Zionist-slaves it is ‘God-ordained’.

I brought all these to establish a foundation then now we build on that foundation. The writer said “Iran and Hezbollah share political and strategic military co-operation globally. Hezbollah was initially formed by Iran in 2001 and has since coordinated terrorism around the world with Iranian sponsors.”

Wikipedia has this to say about Hezbullah:

“Hezbollahis a Shi’a Islamic militant group and political party based in Lebanon. It receives financial and political support from Iran and Syria, and its paramilitary wing is regarded as a resistance movement throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Hezbollah was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and was primarily formed to offer resistance to the Israeli occupation.”

Mr.AnayochukwuAgbo,Hezbullah was created in 1982 and not in 2001 as you claimed. It’s unfortunate that your Zionist handlers were not accurate with dates or have they forgotten the military defeats they received in the hands of Hezbullah?In 1982 the blood-thirsty Israelis invaded Lebanon and occupied most of South Lebanon, Hezbullah was created to address this challenge and drive the brutal occupier out of Lebanon. When Israel invaded Lebanon, Lebanese people were murdered in their own country, their women raped, their dignity violated, their rights abused and their independence usurped. Is it a ‘sin’ to drive an oppressive occupier out of your country that had violated your honor, freedom and independence? To this writer and his Israeli handlers this is called ‘terrorism’ because to this pro-Zionist writer to oppose Israel is a ‘major sin’.To his warped mind Israelis are a superior race that must be obeyed and any attempt to oppose their atrocities and crimes earned a person the nomenclature of a ‘terrorist’.

The writer tried to present the often imaginary Iranian threat that Israel sells to other unsuspecting nations of the world and propagated the Western-created myth that Iran is a global sponsorer of terrorism. Western imperialism had been on a cold-war path with Iran since the Iranian nation overthrew a Western-backed despot in 1979.With that glorious Revolution the Iranian nation cut-off the filthy hands of Western imperialism,freed its vast resources from the grasp of these resources-vampires and chose the path of true freedom and independence under the Rule of Just Jurisprudence. Then Iran was like any Western-infested colony but today Iran is knocking on the gates of a world power.

So when the writer said:

“According to an analysis by The Economist magazine, published in London, while Iran has exploited anti-American sentiments in Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, ‘in Africa it has concentrated on strengthening Muslim allegiances with offers of oil and aid.’ In 2009, some 20 ministerial or grander visits to Africa by Iran’s diplomats, generals and president led to the signing of “a bewildering array of commercial, diplomatic and defence deals.”

Anyone that see the writer’s pro-imperialist position by refusing to acknowledge the struggles and sacrifice of the great nations of Latin America of which the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was a prominent actor.These nations had freed their nations and people from the oppression and subjugation of vicious Capitalism,Colonization, neo-colonization and wicked imperialism that had impoverished these nations and its peoples for centuries.

It is obvious the Israeli masters of this writer are saddened by the achievements of Iranian diplomacy and would not tolerate its repetition in the oppressed nations of Africa.But we must understand that the greatest beneficiaries to the great Latin American Revolutions are the poor and the downtrodden of those nations.Even all capitalist indices points to this fact but from all indication Mr. AnayochukwuAgbo and his Israeli masters are unhappy about this. These Latin American countries share the same painful history of colonialism and imperialist domination with Iran and they are united by their insistence on the freedom of their nation from the genocidal West and its Zionist offspring.

The writer could not resist the temptation of declaring his Israeli connection when he wrote:

“According to the AFP, an anonymous security official in Israel recently revealed that Nigeria is a ‘destination state for Shiite terror and global Jihad groups, which are boosting their efforts in Africa as part of international terror efforts.’ It is suspected that members of the Hezbollah cell acted under the organization’s orders in their other African targets – Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Benin and Ghana. “

One credit I will give to the Obasanjo’s government is that the former President strongly resisted the encroachment of Israel in to Nigerian local politics and he considered that as highly detrimental to the wellbeing of this country. Unfortunately the present government fell into the Israel trap and now considered traditional and historical friends such as Iran and Lebanon as enemies due to the Zionist-Israel’s influence on the present Nigerian leadership. This is a great liability to this government as Israel is the most unpopular entity among Muslims, the easiest way to make a government unpopular in Northern Nigeria is to declare it an Israeli puppet. This government had given its enemies a sharp and deadly weapon to destroy it by its servitude and entrapment into Israel’s foreign policies. Former President OlusegunObasanjo despite been a Christian was smarter and was always conscious to the feelings of Nigerian Muslim’s hatred to the Zionist regime.

And finally the writer descended on a drunken tiradeagainst Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, the symbol of Shiism in the West African sub-region and the Islamic Movement he leads. He said all sorts of nonsense and fabricated all sorts of hypothesisto satisfy his Zionist masters of his efficiency as an agent provocateur. All security agencies in this country are conscious of the fact that the Islamic Movement is a peaceful organization that has no single terrorist record to its name and it occasionally involve and invite Christians in its programs.

The writer claimed:

“According to international scholars on terrorism, ‘Nigerian Hezbollah has been in the making for some time. It is allegedly called the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, which is a much more representative and active organization. The IMN is most identified with its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.”

The ‘international scholars’ he mentioned here are his Mossad handlers who feeds him these false informations to engineered a new crises in Nigeria under the pretext of the imaginary Iranian and Hezbullahthreats.For his information the Islamic Movement In Nigeria pre-dates Hezbullah as an organization so it’s impossible for this organization to become ‘Nigerian Hezbullah’.Hezbullah is a resistance movement to challenge the Israeli aggression and protect the Lebanese nation while the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a mass movement for Islamic awareness and revival that transcends the borders of Nigeria.

On a final note the conspiracy hypothesis expounded by Mr.AnayochukwuAgbo was meant to serve the Israeli agenda of causing crises in this country, Israeli interest is best protected when crises exist so that the host nation will be exploited through the selling of weapons, security gadgets and equipments. Israel is also fearful of the ascendancy of its enemies, Iran and Hezbullah, and for that reason it stages False Flag Operations so as to convince the host countries of the myth that Iran is a terrorist nation. The Nigeria nation must be mindful of this Israeli agenda and machinations.

Nigeria and Iran are brotherly nations that have strong relations for decades established under the bases of mutual respect and respect for international laws, we hope this relation continues. Both nations are members of such organizations’ like OPEC, D-8, OIC, United Nations etc. Nigeria has a lot to benefit from Iran in fields such as Oil industry, power generation, agriculture and science and technology.