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Re: Gumi’s Letter to Sheikh Zakzaky

Having More Degrees Than a Thermometer…Yet Remaining a Compound Ignorant– Mahfuz Mundadu.
“He who knows not, and knows not he knows not, is a compound ignorant…seek Allah’s refuge from him.”  Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi may have more degrees than a thermometer hence, his favourable disposition to overheat even at a freezing point.
Yet courting fora cheap popularity by way of attacking some revered personality goes to remind us that having failed to be a good example of an erudite scholar,Dr. Gumi has long settled for anawfulcaveat to all men of conscience.

We are certainly not surprise with the unimpressivelydesperate move by such an ideologically wandering prostitute to court attention for some handouts. No sooner did I finishgoing through his verbal diarrhea than I marveled at how a crude joke from a quasi-scholar turns in to some boring and petite mind he has ever been notorious for being.
Read him: “My Brother Ibrahim El-Zakzaky: it’s not too late to repent”
This sounds judgmental. Ahmad Gumi has metamorphosed in to a prosecutor and a judge with a stroke of his pen…or is it a keyboard. And in so doing he has denied His Eminence, his unalienable right to fair hearing. So a judge sitting in a Kangaroo court lacks the slightest semblanceof legitimacy that he never had, even in the first instance. I will revisit “My Brother” in a while.
“After registering my condolences to the recent loss of your three children who were gunned down by some elements in the military…”
It took Dr. Gumi less than a while to respond to the annual symbolic trek, yet about six month to half-heartedly condole the Revered Sheikh for the brutal killings of 34 members of the Islamic Movement, three of whom happened to be the Sheikh’s biological siblings.
“… some of your actions too are the contributing factors in this unfortunate avoidable tragedy.
Really?!This is an explicit endorsement of military brutality against members of the Islamic Movement coming from Dr. Ahmad Gumi. Worse still it is a clear case of turning logic on its head. Dr. Ahmad Gumi’s remark is a similitude of accusing a rich man attacked by armed robbers for being wealthy instead of condemning the heinous crime of banditry.
For the benefit of doubt let us assume for a moment that a peaceful procession is a crime. At least that is the gospel preached by Dr. Ahmad Gumi. In a civilized society where the rule of law is the norm rather than an exception, what would be expected in the circumstance, is for the law enforcement agents tomake arrest; gather evidences; present them before a court of law and argue about the culpability of the accused. There after, the judge is left to pass the judgment as he deems fit.
Up and until the Judge pronounce guilty verdict, the accused remains as innocent as neonatal. Yet the venomous animosity running through the body and soul of Dr. Gumi would not have any part of these. But that is the average mindset of any Takfiri element? More so, under the inglorious reign of democrazy, loose canons of educated illiteratesgarnished with compound ignorance are the darlings of the inept and mediocre puppets running from pillar to post doing the biddings of their Zionist as well as imperialist masters.
What I fear most for you and your followers is that the consequence of this tragedy may further alienate your group from the mainstream society and create a cult…” 
A movement that started with a single revered personality has bloomed. Not only that. It has been progressively growing bigger and waxing stronger in a geometrical, not even arithmetic projection. Such a movement wasn’t, isn’t and will never ever be alienated, talk less of being a cult like. But even a fool has the right to be foolish. Seeing and not believing a fact does not change the fact in any way, shape or size. “Wa li nuriyaFiraunawaHaamaanamaakaanuu yah zharuun”.
“My brother you have brought a lot of bad innovations among Nigerian Muslims that rather than unite the Muslims are further entrenching the divide without any added value to the worldly development nor the hereafter, but rather with serious theological implications in the hereafter”.
Dr. Ahmad Gumi labels an accusation but fall shot of being specific and factual. Yet the Holy Qua’an says: “Yaayyuhal la zhiynaaamanu in jaaakumfasikun bi naba’infatabayyanuu.” “Oh ye who believe if a Fasiq comes to you with any news seek for proof”. Dr. Ahmad may wish to ponder upon the word Fasiq and see where and upon whom it falls in this context. It is rather dreadful for such a character to claim brotherhood to a pious and revered personality with out smelling contradiction in the diction.
“I cannot understand under which civil or religious law gave you the right and liberty to block one side of the double carriage road forcing motorists to cramp each other dangerously on one lane”
Dr. Ahmad Gumi. It is not that you cannot understand. It is either you do not know or you fancy swimming in the bottomless ocean of ignorance. But all the same this is it: Freedom of association and that of expression, as enshrined in the United Nation charter and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. May the common sense that ought to be part of a normal human being not be temporarily out of service for the period you are reading, if not anything, but a sentence just before this one.
The delinquency of your followers and the disturbance of public peace is what makes you and them an easy target of the authority”
Dr. Ahmad Gumi, as mentioned earlier, you failed to be specific and factual, but your support to state sponsored gangsterism against unarmed and peaceful members of the Islamic movement is explicit enough. May providence and natural justice reward you accordingly.
Disruption of traffic flow is in fact a sign of unfaithfulness and lack of civilization”
Dr. Ahmad Gumi, if you think before you talk you would realised that such “disruption” happens during Friday prayers and even during your talk shows in the holy months of Ramadan. Rule of thumb Doctor! In pointing one accusing finger, three point back at you. In support of this crude logic you quoted a hadith or two. I am also quoting one; “man kaanayuuminubillahiwalyauwulakhirfalyaqulkhairan au li yasmut”. By way of advice, you would have remainedsilent and assumed to be whatever, than a situation in which you hit the keyboard and removed all doubts.
When it comes to community development and acts of selfless service to humanity, I made bold to mention that Sheikh Zakzaky is second to none. His humanitarian services are enormous in terms of education, community health, neighborhood watch, mobilization and advocacy towards tolerance and peaceful coexistence amongst divergent shades of opinions, various religious and interest groups, to mentioned but a few.
During the 2011 post election unrest, members of the Islamic movement played a heroic role in terms of dousing the tension and treatment of the wounded, regardless of their religious affiliation.
How can you be the good servants of Allah when you call other human beings beside him. We saw your placards calling: Ya Hussein…The best you can do for any dead person is to pray for Allah’s mercy upon him. Allah said:
“And who is in greater loss than he who calls besides Allah upon those that will not answer him till the day of resurrection and they are heedless of their call? 
Dr. Ahmad Gumi, according to your own logic the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is dead and buried in Madina, yet five times a day in each of the Tashahhud of five daily prayers you recite: Assalamu A-lai-ka …Why do you stay thousands of kilometers away from someone inside his grave and yet greet him…if he is not alive…if he does not hear you. You may say that is Muhammad and this is Hussein. And I will quote a hadith in which the holy Prophet was reported to have said, “Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein”. This is the Hussein that in another Hadith was reported to have been conferred with the title of the Youth leader in the paradise. Though a hadith was fabricated about the leader of the elderly men of paradise, but the fabricators failed to reckon that in paradise all men and indeed women would remain with youthful age. Put differently there are no old men in paradise. So if you are looking for the leaders of the old men, then certainly it cannot and will never be in the paradise…Angane? To mu ci gaba!