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Re: El-Zakzaky’s Wife Not In Detention, Merely Keeping Her Husband’s Company

By Muhammad Darazo
The Daily Trust news paper published a news article on its website on the 21st of January, 2017 and revealed that "Presidency" is the source. It would have been better if the Daily Trust revealed the person’s name to whom the source of the article came from because it lacks credibility as it is. 

Who is Presidency? The person whose name was not revealed know that he is lying, that is why he requested anonymity. For God sake, prove me wrong by an avowal. A vital information like this should not be taken for granted. We are dealing with human rights, the rights of amother whose 6 Sons were massacred by the army that are being paid by her tax money.
The worst of it is that 3 of them (her sons) were brutally massacred while she watches. Let your sense be the judge.

I wonder what kind of heart will a human have to say such heartless and fiendish words. Ummah Zeenah was abducted on the 14th of December, 2015 by the Nigerian army after successfully accomplishing what was undoubtedly a massacre in Zaria. She was abducted from Gyallesu, were she reside. Some men of the Nigerian Army under the  command of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu raided her home on that fateful day. They killed everyone that stand to help her and at last, they got to her and her family. On getting to them, they killed 3 more of her biological sons, making it 6 in just two years. The wild beast didn’t stop at that point. Rather, they shot her 6 times and rain bullets on her husband, thereby damaging his left eye. Only God’s
mercy delivered Ummah and her husband alive, just to show the world that "guns of the oppressors cannot kill without the will of God."

The so called Presidency said that "El-Zakzaky’s wife is not in detention". What can the "Presidency" say about the press conference by the blood thirsty Nigerian Army in which on the 15th of December, 2015, the GOC 1Div, Major General Adeyini said to the members of the press that El-Zakzaky and his wife are in custody? How can the so called Presidency deny it when the puppets that were sent to carryout the crime already revealed what they were sent to do? May be the "Presidency" know it better than the contemptibly jerks and schlemiel.

Ummah registered her case at the Federal High Court through her lawyers separately from her husband’s. The DSS that were holding her illegally said to the court that they are holding her in "protective custody with her consent." Never did the DSS mention that Ummah was given a chance to leave. If the "Presidency" is not lying at all, the DSS would’ve mention it in the court in order to vindicate themselves from all allegations against them. At the end, Ummah won the case at the court. The shameless "Presidency" failed to identify the fact that Ummah is given a chance (sometimes) by the DSS to make calls using phone. Never did she ever said something like been given the chance to leave. Rather, from all we have being hearing, Ummah keep insisting that she is under oppression and only God can deliver her.

The questions that no one attempt to answer up till now include, what is the crime of Ummah? In whose interest is Ummah being kept incommunicado for more than a year? Who is afraid of Ummah’s freedom? Surely, Ummah will never bow down to oppression and oppressors, this is with no doubt. To God be the glory, failure of the oppressors to answer these questions means that Ummah has committed no crime. She is under oppression. I will like the "Presidency" to prove me wrong by setting up a press conference and #LetZeenahSpeak to the world. Justice should not only be done, but must be seen to have been done.

More than a week after winning the case against the DSS in a competent court which ordered for her release and payment of N25 million as ransom, Ummah is still under the illegal detention. Since Ummah didn’t commit any crime as proved beyond any reasonable doubt by a court of law and the Government is still holding her, let your sense be the judge. Who are/is the real law breakers?

All humans with sense of humanity and responsibility will find themselves duty bound to stand with the oppressed Malama Zeenah and her husband, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky
(H) that have being under the illegal detention of the Nigerian brutal President.
Let’s tell them "Enough Is Enough". We must unite against oppression and stand to demand #FreedomForZakzaky.

Muhammad Darazo