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Re: Does Daily Trust promote Shi’ism?

By Shuaibu Isa Ahmad
I read with dismay the letter written by Sumayya I Usman to the Editor in the Daily Trust of Monday, 24th November, 2014, criticizing the stand of their paper of being neutral.  I believe that write-ups are simply composed to draw up a meaningful idea, to express a meaningful fact inform of communication. When has communicating with people violates norms of journalism?

 Sumayya I Usman mentioned that “We want Daily Trust to tell us its stand so that those of us that are not subscribing the Shi’a Ideology will know where to place the paper”. I think an ideology is a system of ideas and ideals, the ideals that form s the bases of policy, economic and political theory. She also mentioned that “Those of us patronizing the paper are doing it because we thought it is representing the north, not an ideology”. I don’t know if Sumayya I Usman is aware that representation simply means the action of speaking on behalf of someone by actively making citizens voices, perspectives and opinions presented in the public.

In the North you mentioned, millions of its population belong to the Shi’a school of thought. Did you throw them out of the north? Or you mean they are not Northerners and Nigerians as well? I believe north, is a region, a designated area that people live. Who told you that human beings in general are deprived from certain beliefs or ideas of any kind? Shi’ism has been in existence for the past 1400 years. It is a complete way of life and a source of true Islam. People appreciate it because it goes with knowledge, reason and facts.

Shuaibu Isa Ahmad, Layin Banadeen – Gyellesu, Zaria <>