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RE: BREAKING! SHOW US El Zakzaky DEAD or ALIVE within one week or Face Terror- Shi’a Muslim – By Mahfuz Mundadu

To any right thinking person, anyone and everyone that needs to be a shameless pathological liar to make a case in helping his miserable cause, goes a long way in making it crystal clear to all and sundry that such a cause is anything but noble.

 Yet with the proliferation of limitless army of political jobbers, court jesters, ideological prostitutes, quarks and quasi-journalists, together with xenophobes of all shapes and sizes, unified in the unwholesome quest for hand-outs from the very people that were and are still responsible for their undignified life of acute shortages of anything and all things needed for a decent living, recruiting a dollar reporter to use his penny pen in the services of falsehood shouldn’t be a herculean task. Nothing lend more credence to this assertion than the caption that appears on what supposed to be a news item published by Africa News


The caption of the said filth reads: “BREAKING! SHOW US El Zakzaky DEAD or ALIVE within one week or Face Terror- Shi’a Muslim”. This suppose to have been the press statement issued by the lead counsel to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Chief Femi Falana (SAN) demanding the immediate and unconditional release of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

In the said demand for unconditional release, words like “Dead or Alive”, terror, and sabotage were never and will never ever be part of the vocabulary of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. With this, one wonders where and how did Africa News came to be this criminally sensational. Whoever thinks that this wind mills of the scoundrels had its fill should read further: “Shia Muslims… promise to sabotage Buhari’s government by bringing down top government and military officials in every month of this year along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway as they own up to the killing of the late Army colonel.”

Having failed woefully to cover up their heinous crimes and condemnable act of gangsterism against the Islamic Movement and its leadership, it is becoming obvious by the day that such monsters have resorted to some unintelligent move to justify their barbarism.

The lies peddled by the Imperialists West in their desperate attempt to invade Iraq and depose the tyrant they have breed and nourished up and until the cookie crumbles is still fresh in our mind. The puppets of same imperialists together with the criminal enterprise of Zionism and their side kicks, the Takfiris, borrowed a leaf from their babysitters. With a trump up and unsubstantiated allegations that keep on changing by the day against the Islamic movement, they massacred and destroyed properties belonging to the Islamic Movement. By the time this senseless rampage subsides hundreds members of the Islamic Movement lost their lives and not one of the hundreds of troops that attacked the resident of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and other places of worship sustain a bruise. At the end of it all the Islamic movement remained better off. This is because the outcome would have been different if the Islamic Movement is really violent and truly armed.

Now that the masters if mayhem in crisp Khaki were about to be the humiliating invitees of International Criminal Court (ICC) their desperation went berserk. In all fronts that represent logic and rationality the agents of destruction have proven to be some miserable non starters. To think someone like Candy Stallworth (the author of the “folklore”) will be of any useful service to them at this critical moment of sunset for the gangsters, is to say the least cunningly amusing.

We have seen how some riffraff were tricked in to resorting to violence in countries like Libya and Syria and at the end of it the nation and its citizens were worst off. We have a lesson to learn from that. So let it be categorically stated that no amount of provocation will ever make us resort to violence. Nigeria is our country and we are patriotic enough to know and appreciate the fact that two wrongs can not make a right.

The federal troops under the watchful eyes of the Commander-in-Chief that swore to protect citizens lives and property have committed massacre and sundry act of crimes against the Islamic Movement. And we shall every day and all day demand for justice in the most civilized and peaceful means humanly possible. In so doing we are determined to prove a point that might was, is and will never ever be right.