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By Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky
The acting director army public relations colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, has released a statement claiming that the incident, that happened yesterday 26th July between Kaduna and Abuja between a convoy refusing to stop when they were asked to stop by the soldiers who were suspicious, due to the current security situation in the country, and emphasized how restrained, polite and civil the soldier and civil the soldiers had been.


This distinguished public relation officer, seems to have been speaking for an army which "would continue to sacrifice their lives for the defense of this great nation" not the army of extortionist, looters, rapist and murderers who one year and two year and two days ago killed 34 people in cold blood., including "politely" torturing and killing three (3) of my brothers on the same day, not to mention numerous atrocities too countless to speak of.

If indeed he’s speaking for a "Nigerian army that wishes all Nigerians well," then why is it that the murderers and destroyers of lives wear the same uniform, stay in the same barracks and use the same vehicles and weapons, and those who mean well if they wear the same uniform?

After five years of countless atrocities, why should anyone trust the Nigerian army, when no one has ever been brought to justice?