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Ramadan Message: Significant events in history- Day 17

By Ibrahim Usman
At the end of the Nahjul Balagha lesson on Monday at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky read out significant historic events that took place on 17th of Ramadan.

On the night of 17th Ramadan, the Holy Prophet (SAWA) ascended unto the heavens (in physical form). The Holy was reported to have made such heavenly journey 120 times with his physical form, not a dream-like journey as was narrated by some people. 

 It is described as the day in of clear distinction between the truth and falsehood (Yawmal Furqan). At the end of the fierce battle, the few faithful army gained victory through the help of Allah over the large army of falsehood. It was a turning point in the history of Islam. The Muslim army, weak, some on foot without weapons were 313 in number. The army representing falsehood, very furious, heavily equipped and ready for the war were more than a thousand in number. AS The numerically superior legion of the nonbelievers, confronted the weak Muslim army, the Muslims fought hard and the angels came to their aid. Abu Jahl and Umayyah ibn Khalaf were among the first casualties. The Muslims killed 70 of their warriors and captured 70 as prisoners. More than half of those killed were killed by Imam Ali (AS), while he assisted in killing the rest. The Muslims recorded between 9-14 martyrs. On that day at the battlefield a voice was heard from heaven, “La Fata illa Ali, La saifa illa Zulfiqar”. 

On this particular day, 57 years after Hijrah, Mu’awiyyah bi Abu Sufyan killed A’isha, wife of the Holy Prophet (SAWA). When Mu’awiyyah crowned his son Yazid as his successor, A’isha protested against it. She argued that, it was unacceptable that Mu’awiyyah killed Muhammad Bin Abubakar( her brother and son of Abubakar the first Caliph), while he crowned his son the Caliph.

Mu’awiyyah shed crocodile tears, and performed her burial rites. As he was the so-called “Ameerul Mu’mineen”, no one dared to speak against it.

The mosque located in the outskirt of Qom, Iran, was constructed in 373 A.H., 17th of Ramadan. According to narrations, Imam Mahdi (AF) instructed construction of the mosque. He appeared to a man with instruction to request a particular land owner to tell him that, the land he was on was a noble ,and that the owner was to cease cultivating it for the construction of the mosque to take place. These and many more miracles were recorded in relation to construction of the mosque.


Construction of Jamkaran Mosque (Imam Mahdi’s Mosque)


Mu’awiyya, realizing the danger and threat she posed, he decided to eliminate her to actualize his mission. He invited her for a discussion in his abode at Madinah. He had arranged for a hole dug under where she was to sit, pace poisonous arrows beneath and covered the place with comfortable mats. He “respectfully” ordered her to sit. As she sat, she crashed into the hole, and the poisonous arrows pierced through her body. She instantly died.


 A’isha, wife of the Holy Prophet, killed!


The battle was a testimony to victory by the Muslim army with Allah’s help, as well as the bravery and valor of Imam Ali (AS).nIt was during the battle that Abu Jahil was killed. His real name is Abul Hakam Bin Hisham or Amru Bin Hisham. He was known for hateful treatment towards the Holy Prophet.


The Battle of Badr


 Heavenly Accession

According to historic narration read out by Sheikh Zakzaky on the following significant events recorded in history on this day: