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Quranic Graduation Ceremony of Fudiyah Schools Students Held in Zaria, Kano.

A ceremony was held at the Premises of demolished Fudiyah School, Samaru Zaria in Kaduna state to celebrate 27 of students after having completed recitation of the Holy Quran. The ceremony took place on Saturday the  14th of Dhul Qaadah 1443 (3rd June, 2023).

The 27 students comprised of 13 Males and 14 females.

Mallam Barau introduced Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello who spoke on importance of the learning the holy Quran and putting the knowledge into practice.

The programme was attended by parents and members of the general public.

Samaru school demolished by Elrufai in Zaria, pictures above.

A Similar Programme in Kano

A similar programme was held on Sunday the 21 of May 2023  in Kano Fudiyyah School Kano, the Quranic Memorisaton section, graduated 297 students, comprising of males and females students, who memorized the holy book. The ceremony took place in Kano Central Mosque located at the city center. The graduation is the 12th since the school was established.

 Certificates were issued to the students during the ceremony attended by parents, teachers, and members of the general public. Speakers include Dr Sanusi Abdulqadir, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello, Professor Abdullahi Danladi, and Sheikh Rabiu Funtua among others.

Others include Malama Jamila Auwal Kaduna, Malama Maimuna Abdullahi and Malama Lubabatu.

Quranic Memorisation ceremony in Kano

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