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Qur’an will Govern Nigeria soon

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria conducted the 4th annual graduation ceremony of Fudiyya Tahfeez pupils who memorized the Holy Quran in Kano on Sunday 12th Shawwal 1434 H/ 18th August 2013.

 So far a total of 90 pupils have graduated as explained by the Headmaster of the Rijiyar Lemo Fudiyya School, Malam Auwal Shamsu. Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi introduced the guest speaker at the August gathering, the revered leader of the Islamic Movement, his Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El-Zakzaky (H).

In his opening remarks Sayyid Zakzaky (H) shared his felicitations with Muslims on the successful completion of the Ramadan fast which concluded with observance of Eid el fitr. He prayed for acceptance of our deeds by God. He went on to remind people about the Ramadan vital lesson of at-Taqwa (piety/ God-consciousness) and urged them to uphold it in their respective life endeavours: Businesses, working places, households and others.

In continuation of his valuable speech, Sheikh (H) touched on the miracles of the Quran. He rightly observed that up to now Mankind could not rise up to the divine challenge of producing even a single verse like that of the Quran. It is impossible. Apart from this there are many living challenges in the Holy Book. For example, the Jews are challenged to wish for death. Surely, if a Jew were to wish for death, he will die instantly. Another striking example given by Malam Zakzaky (H) was the case of a Christian Pastor in Mubi, Adamawa State who went about boasting that if the Quran is the Word of God let him die and he died.

No doubt, the Quran is an unsurpassed blessing to Muslims. Sheikh (H) then queried: is there any one bestowed with blessing more than Muslims? He was however quick to observe, with dismay, that it is unfortunate now the Muslims join other peoples (pagans, people of the book, etc) to look for the way out. Sayyid Zakzaky informed the audience of the comment of the Nigerian security operatives who expressed fear that if pupils of such ages (12-14 yrs) in the Islamic Movement could continue to memorize the Quran, then it implies that the Quran would rule the country in no distant time.

Turning to the graduating pupils, Sheikh (H) congratulated them on this great blessing and urged them to keep it up. In addition he encouraged other brothers and sisters to try to read the Quran constantly and also wished that majority try in its memorization. He expressed optimism on the progress of Tahfeez schools under the Movement and hoped that such future occasions, which he tagged ‘Tahfeez day’ could feature numerous pupils of several schools from different parts of the country.

His Eminence then drew the attention of the teeming audience on the pivotal position of ‘Twin to the Quran’ that is the Ahlul Bayt. The Prophet (SAWA) has said in the unanimously accepted authentic tradition that he has left two things for us- Quran and Ahlul Bayt, his selected Itrah. They would never separate till they meet him at the Pond. So this pure progeny of the Prophet (SAWA) are the only eligible authority to provide the correct interpretation of the meanings of the Glorious Quran. Sheikh (H) cleared the misunderstanding that the Ahlul Bayt are the Shurafa’u-(i.e. all members of prophets genealogy). The Ahlul Bayt or Itrah (pure progeny of the Prophet (SAWA)) are the twelve Imams starting from Ameerul Mu’mineen, Aliy bn Abi Talib (AS) and concluding with Sahibuz-zaman, Imam Mahdi (AF), who is the Imam of our time.

The revered leader did not step down from the colourful podium until he reminded his attentive listeners about the famous tradition reported by Sayyidah A’isha, when she was asked about the behavior of the Prophet (SAWA). She replied that his behavior is Quran. That is he is the living Quran. Then Malam (H) asked that was there a living Quran after the Prophet? He answered, yes, obviously referring to the first Imam. He asked again what of after him, the answer was also in the affirmative. What of now? is there anybody as the living Quran, the answer is yes, obviously referring to the Imam of our time.

Sayyid (H) prayed for our continued long life to witness such future occasions. He prayed for the success of Islam in overcoming injustice and tyranny. May God thwart the efforts of those who are bent on ridiculing Islam and Muslims. Special awards and prizes were given. Sheikh (H) offered the closing prayer and the occasion concluded peacefully and successfully.

by Dauda Nalado