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Questions Namadi Sambo must answer

By Haruna Shelleng
When the Nigerian Vice President, Namadi Sambo went to condole the Emir and people of Kano over the mosque bomb attack, he tried to exonerate the government from the dastardly act. According to the VP, the government could not have been found complicit in the bomb attack, when he, Minister of Defence, National Security Adviser (NSA) and the Inspector General of Police (IGP), were all Muslims from the North serving in the government.

Let us assume, Mr. VP, that your hands and that of your colleagues in the government are very clean in the Kano mosque, and that you have no clue of the perpetrators of these attacks in other places. If only this is true, let us take a critical look at one such unfortunate event and see if you can feign ignorance and innocence.

Mr. VP, were you not aware that on July 25, 2015 combat-ready soldiers, in full military gear, and in broad daylight opened fire on innocent and peaceful Muslims on the last Friday in the holy month of Ramadan in Zaria, your hometown? Not satisfied, the trigger-itchy and blood-thirsty soldiers returned the next day and shot dead additional people at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. The soldiers took some of the people alive to the Basawa barrack, included 3 sons of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and tortured them to death. At the end of the planned operation, 34 people were killed and over 100 injured.

Mr. VP, are you not aware that this had happened, and if you do, what have you done? What was your response, what was your reaction? If you are not aware that this extra-judicial killing, which had captured global attention took place in your state and hometown, then you do not deserve to be called a VP and true representative of your people. Your ineptitude in such situations, which I very much anticipated, is not surprising. I am very much sure you and your colleagues in the government are very much aware of other sporadic attacks and killings across the country, but that you are beclouded by ineptitude and lack of milk of human feelings.

What happened on July 25 last year in Zaria attracted sympathy from far and near, people from all walks of life condoled Shaikh Zakzaky either personally, through phone calls or messages, but never you, Namadi Sambo as VP. Even your boss, Ebele Jonathan, whose hands was visibly soaked with the innocent blood, called and shed crocodile tears, but never you; not even a message of condolence sent! To this day, your government is yet to send an official delegation to condole Shaikh Zakzaky or make official statement over the incident, of which you are fully aware of and complicit in its execution. Neither the chief security officer of Kaduna state (the Governor), nor the Emir of Zaria was there personally for condolence. We are aware that the Governor had wanted to come personally, but was warned against it. No wonder, it was the Secretary to the State Government and some handful of state officials who went. The world watches as you shamelessly try to avoid and dismiss the situation as non-existent. Now that you and your masters, the illegal state of Israel, have shed crododile tears and condoled the people of Kano over the mosque attack, what are you trying to show by deliberately avoiding the mention of Zaria Quds Day extra-judicial killings? It points to the obvious fact that you and your Israeli masters master-minded it.

Your unwitting statement during the condolence visit in Kano gave you away. From all indication you were sent to cleanse your hand and thatof your masters from the innocent blood you shed, but ended up soaking it much deeper. Like the proverbial ostrich, you bury your head in the sand, leaving bare your botom for full public glare. You and your colleagues in government are neither representing the Muslims nor the North in this administration, but that of your master Ebele Jonathan, whose whims and caprices you are religiously advocating. You are completely insensitive to the flight of your people regarding pyshical and psychological torture your master is unleashing on them, just because he has allowed you to freely siphon the nation’s wealth and resources with no regard to the day of reckoning. Whether you acknowledge it or not, that day is fast approaching.

True, Jonathan picked you to work in his government because you are northerners, as demanded by the party’s constitutional provision, but you are not elected by the people. To him, he has mischievously picked the right people who can execute his nasty job among their folks. The genuine puppets and stooges you have become, has proved Jonathan’s calculation right. Instead of you to show concern for your region and people, you fold your arms in full defence of the mercilessly slaughter of your people with least concern. You and Jonathan are two of a kind, all you know is to get drunk as past time. My word to you is that, you have created a Frankenstein monster that will eventually devour you all!

Mr. VP are you not also aware that security officials threw bomb when members of the Islamic Movement were commemorating the Ashura in Potiskum, and at the same time armoued tanks opened fire on them while dispersing? At the end of the onslaught, 34 people were killed and many were injured. You kept mute over it. There was expression of concern atleast from the governor of Yobe and Emir of Fika, yet the Vice President of Nigeria from the North kept mum over the monumental tragedy on his people, which was perpetrated by the government he works for! Before this, police had laid siege on members of the Islamic Movement at their Markaz in Potiskum while praying, and killed three people. They left behind evidences, yet neither your master, nor you or your colleagues in government said anything about it.

Let me further refresh your dull memory on some few of such ugly incidences, which you and your government are yet to respond. I have to do this, because you cannot see further than your nose when it comes to executing your master’s command.

Where were you when some soldiers killed refugees who ran away from your government’s sponsored atrocities in Maiduguri and, and relocated to Abuja? Are you also not aware that soldiers went to a Fulani settlement in Nassarawa and massacred them in cold blood? You cannot also feign ignorance of the much talked about Apo Killings, in which innocent northerners were openly killed by security operatives under baseless pretext. On this issue, National Human Rights Commission had investigated found the Nigerian security complicit and demanded compensation to the faimilies of the vicitms.

These are few, out of the many atrocities committed on Muslims in the North. If you are aware of them, what have done about it? Nothing.

Mr.VP, your atrocities know no limit or boundry. While you suck innocent blood, you are at the same time sucking dry the country as vibrant and wealthy nation. Where were you when a plane was impounded belonging to President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), a close ally of Ebele Jonathna, with stack of cash en route South Africa? The lies sent out to Nigerians was that the money was meant to purchase arms to combat insurgency, against investigation that revealed the opposite. No word from you, Mr. VP. Instead your colleague, the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, a Muslim from the Northern, openely defended the illegal ‘arm trade’. If the money was really meant to purchase arms, it is the same arms that would be used to kill your fellow Muslims in Nigeria. You think you are their favourites, wait they will turn against you like a rotten fruit that is no longer useful.

Mr. VP, even your political associates accused you of ineptitude. Former governor of Adamawa state, Murtala Nyako, once told you in your face that you were neither representing nor useful to the North. Because Nyako has said the truth that Boko Haram is no other than the Jonathan administration, all of you connived and had him forcefully removed from his position as governor, after all attempt to make him retract his statement failed. Nyako was General in the armed forces, his words carries more weight against yours. As a retired military officer and a governor, he was courageous to say, Boko Haram is a covert operation and a conspiracy against Nigeria. I will take his word above yours. We can no longer trust you, your unwitting and gullible statements of exonerating the government from these atrocities is daily becoming foolish.

What was the offence of the former Security Adviser to Jonathan, Patrick Azazi, which led to his removal, and later killed? He was privy to the plan of training armed militants from Niger-Delta in Israel, and be given the contract of killing people, especially in the North. As a former Chief of Army Staff, Azazi was used to supply arms to the Niger-Delta militants; he knew all the operations of the Niger-Delta militants, and when he became not very keen on going ahead he was removed and later killed.

While Nigerians watch, the international community and the ICC also watch and record the unfolding events.

An Australian named Davies contracted to negotiate with Boko Haram terrorists said he discovered the hands of Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Ihiejirika, former governor of Borno State, Modu Sheriff and the Nigerian Central Bank in the Boko Haram saga. What was your government’s reaction? You and your master, and all your colleagues in the government circle dismissed the allegation without even investigating it. Modu Sherif was even accorded presidential security protection. When he visited Maiduguri, a presidential security was attached to him. It is said that 58, security personnel protects his residence.What for, and what position is he presently holding in the government to warrant this presidential immunity? Time will tell; yes, it will tell on you, Mr. VP.

Nigerians will also like to know the ties between Nigerian and the illegal state of Israel to the extent that, Israel now controls Nigerian security system. The frequent visits by Ebele Jonathan to Israel smells rat. This ungodly and satanic link benefits only Israel, your masters. It is no secret that Israel has hand in all nefarious activities and killings around the world, either in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Palestine, Nigeria, etc. History has proved that bloodshed and insecurity are the landmark and areas of specialization of Israel, and Jonathan has brought them here, hence the current insecurity in Nigeria. We can never get out of this insecurity until these friends of Jonathan are driven out of the country.

We also smell rat and rot in Jonathan’s constant visit to Republic of Chad. When Modu Sheff was accused of aiding Boko Haram, Jonathan took him to Chad and met Chadian President Idris Deibi, who is also accused of complicity to Bako Haram atrocities. So open is the Chadian connection to Boko Haram that the members of Bring Back Our Girls campaign staged a rally at the Chadian embassy in Nigeria. Why the secret meeting in Chad, and with Modu Sheriff in attendace? It was clearly a meeting of three sponsors of Boko Haram. No wonder, a recent attack on Yobe revealed that many of the attackers were Chadians.

Mr. VP, are you telling Nigerians that you are not aware of all these incidences, or are you telling us that you are incapable of stopping it? If so, then why are you there, and boasting of your status in the government?

The first bomb that was set off at the Eagle Square, Abuja on independence anniversary in 2010 was meant to frame northerners. Before the fire was douses and investigation began, Jonathan claimed to have known who set it off. “I know the person”, he concluded. Despite the claim of responsibility by MENDS, Jonathan maintained his stand. He implored leader of MENDS to withdraw his statement of claiming responsibility but he refused and went to a South African court with SMS by some government officials as evidence, asking him to withdraw his statement. Northerners were targeted as scapegoats for the attack. Mr. VP, were you also not aware of this? What have you and your northern colleagues in the government done? Obviously nothing.

If you truly have the milk of human kindness in you, and with full love for your people, you would have investigated the issue to ascertain real culprits behind the first bomb attack. This would have given clue to subsequent attacks. Because the first one was meant to frame northerners, this is why subsequent ones were no different. Surely, Ebele Jonathan brought to Nigeria politics of bomb blasts for many reasons. There are elements of conspiracy and domination, ethnic cleansing, armed-robbery, Islamphobia, political vengeance (of the civil war), are among the many reasons. Each can be discussed at length, with clear reference to issues on ground.

Some legislators brought to the floor of the House for discussion the issue of helicopters ferrying insurgents and arms to forests in Northern Nigeria. With the aid of the helicopters, Fulani cattle were also been stolen. When this issue was brought for discussion, it was scuttled and suppressed, nothing was heard of the issue. Mr. VP, what did you do about it? What effort did your Northern Muslim colleagues, Sambo Dasuki, Aliyu and Abba (IG), make to address the issue?  Nothing. Has this also not come to your notice?

If only you are sincere, one would have expected you to do what Victor Malu did during Obasanjo regime. When he realized that Obasanjo had invited the American forces into Nigeria, with unclear mission and agenda, he addressed the press on the plan. Though it led to his forceful retirement, he remained a fulfilled man who had done what was expected of him. Your silence on the atrocities being committed by this administration is approval and endorsing it, and there is no way you can exonerate yourself. You remain part and parcel of all that is happeneing.

Who killed General Mamman Shuwa in his residence? He was killed before the very security attached to protect him, none of them tried to stop it. Igbo assassins killed him as retaliation for his role during the Civil/Biafaran war in Nigeria.

The list is very lengthy, so is the pain and anguish. It is now very clear to all that, Jonathan government is behind all the spate of bloodshed currently taking place across the country. You think you can get away with this? Definitely not! Conspiracy and injustice never last, it always fail, like a ripe fruit. Posterity will also judge you. Your children and grandchildren will be judged by your actions. Above all, there is the greatest judgement by the Creator. You think that is far? Wait, there will the the whip of human judegment before then. So prepare for it.

Let us come back and review the Kano mosque bomb attack in which you shed crocodile tears. The first bomb exploded the moment the Imam began reciting Suratul Fatiha, opening the prayer. This was followed explosion of two more bombs, then armed men started shooting sporadically at the worshipers. When soldiers arrived the scene there was outcry by the people, they turned their guns on the people. This made the situation more chaotic. To this moment, the number of dead is still unknown, but it is estimated at thousand. Official organs claimed it was hundred! Such is part of the conspiracy by enemies, to reduce to the barest minimum the level of their atrocity. May Allah’s wrath fall on perpetrators and conspirators of the barbaric act.

Every keen observer in this country knows that, whoever speaks out against Boko Haram is attacked. It was obvious that, the Emir of Kano was the target of the mosque attack as a result of his call on people to defend themselves from the attacks of Boko Haram, because Nigerian security forces have failed. For obvious reason they went ahead with the attack knowing fully that he was out of the country, but just to send a warning signal. Brave and patriotic, the Emir cut short his Umra and came back to Nigeria on the same day, inspected the damages, visited the injured, qued up and donated blood to the injured and donated 20 million for the medical care of the injured. The Emir also directed the mosque to be cleansed of all rubbles and spilled blood, led the people in Maghrib and Isha’I prayers. Then he responded: “We are not intimidated”.

The action of the Emir demonstrated unprecedented courage and patriotism. This is how a leader should handle situation that touches the lives of his people. Since then, the people became security more security conscious and courage too. Many people defy all odds and attended the Juma’at mosque, the Friday after the incident. When a plane carrying arms was impounded at the Aminu Kano International Airport, people resisted the attempt to allow the plane move an inch. The people of Kano also demonstrated similar bravery and courage when they repelled gunmen attack and captured some of the attackers.

When I read the daily columns in the Daily Trust newspaper, I realized the columnists were far away from the real truth behind the current Boko Haram insurgency and the Kano mosque attack. The Monday column, anchored by the editor himself, was completely ignorant of what was going on. The Tuesday columnist wrote flat feature on how to combat insurgency. I found fault with the Wednesday column anchored by Mohammed Haruna who said, the Emir of Kano shouldn’t have told people to defend themselves. The rest of the write-up can be accepted. The Thursday column did not even discuss the Kano mosque attack. The columnist only rejected the move to re-instate state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

However, Ace writer of the Friday column, Adamu Adamu, disagreed with Mohammed Haruna. Adamu Adamu said man is naturally forced to react and retaliate when pushed to the wall. He commended the action of the Emir of Kano on the issue. I expected Bala Mohammed, a Kano indigene, to fully explain to readers what actually happened and the intricacies therein, but he ended up condoling known vicitms of the attack! Now these are columnists of a famous national daily in Nigeria, who instead of unravelling the truth behind the Kano mosque attack to the world, also missed the point. I was disappointed.

This time around, religious scholars demonstrated high sense of leadership commitment and bravery. They hit the nail on the head. Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi believed that, the Kano mosque attack was sponosored by “an influencial government official”. Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) called on people to defend themselves, because the government has failed.

As constant as the sun, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky said of the attack: “If what we are told is true that Boko Haram detests western education, then is western education practiced in mosques? If their mission, as we are told, is also to establish an Islamic government, will killing Muslims in any way help in establishing it? Also, if their mission to topple the government, is the seat of the government in mosques? This is obviously the handiwork of enemies of Islam and humanity. No human with an iota of faith can engage in senseless killing of people in mosques, churches, residences and markets and other public places for any reason or mission. Those responsible for this heinous and barbaric acts are enemies of humanity. They are the same people doing the same work in Iraq, Syria, Afganistan and other countries”.

Mr. VP, there is no amount of defence you can put up to convince Nigerians, especially people from the North, that Boko Haram is a clueless and spontaneous calamity that befell a nation. We have come to realize that, it is an internationally sponsored, smoke-screen covert operation, with you and your colleagues in government as tools for its implementation. While the so-called super powers have their own hidden agenda in our land, you also have your selfish agenda, which is to cling to power and cart away our God-given wealth. We can see how you used Boko Haram as tool to postpone the general elections in Nigeria. You are still plotting to scuttle the country’s democracy using Boko Haram as source of insecurity. We can conclusively say that, you and your colleagues in government are the direct beneficiaries of Boko Haram atrocities.

True to word, these barbaric people are enemies of humanity, and are ever-ready destabilized humanity whenever they unite in a single force for a single purpose. We witnessed several plots when we embarked on the Arba’een symbolic trek. Why? Simply because we demonstrate and recall the trial and tribulations faced by the Household of the Holy Prophet, dragged and chained, barefoot in the scorching desert, from Karbala in Iraq to Damascus in Syria, by the army of despotic Yazid, after the brutal killing of Husain (grand son of the Holy Prophet) 61 AH. We came out in solidarity with the family of Husain and the Holy Prophet, like our predecessors, the Yazids of this era would not leave us alone. They are always plotting; it is history repeating itself.

Mr. VP. You are late, we are too hot to be curbed, suppressed or handled. Shaikh Zakzaky holds the ace, and with luminous guiding light, he has revelaled faces of the culprits and perpetrators of the dastardly acts. Even if they will severe our heads, hands and legs, we will never surrender to injustice and the rule of the kings and machine guns. No brutal machine can snuff the lives of 6 million trekkers in Nigeria, followers of the Infallible Progeny of the Holy Prophet (Ahlul Bayt)

Going by the above explanation and facts, it is obvious that your government master-minded the Zaria and Kano attacks. The only difference is that, while in Kano you made it look like Boko Haram insurgency, in Zaria the culprits were clearly identified. This why you kept quite. We have neither forgotten, nor forgiven. Colonel Okuh of the Basawa Barrack must be brought to book for the brutal torture and killing of 34 people in Zaria, including 3 of Shaikh Zakzaky’s sons. We will forever continue to hold you and your government responsible till the day justice is done. And time is running short on you.







Haruna Shelleng





Islamic Movement in Nigeria,




Zaria, Nigeria.