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Quds Day killings was history repeating itself- Sheikh Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has closed the 28th Islamic Vocation Course at the Jannatu Darul Rahma, Dambo Zaria, place where the Quds Day Martyrs were buried, on Thursday.

He enumerated lessons and benefits reaped from the Quds Day incident, comparing it to the life and times of the Holy Prophet Muhamad (SAWA) as a mirror and model.

He explained that, the Holy Prophet was sent by Allah as a Messenger to a particular place (Ummul Qura) with a religion, that when fully established would cover the whole world.

The Leader however said, the people rejected the call, not on the basis of it being a false religion, but based on selfish reasons, as their social status would be compromised if they accepted the call of the Prophet.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, the Quraysh fought the Holy Prophet for deep hatred and tribal sentiment, as well as the need to maintain the status quo. “They had full knowledge and conviction that, the Prophet had exemplary conduct and transparent honesty, while his clan was very well known for honesty, piety and selfless services”.

He added that, the Quraysh decided to fight him through collaboration with other tribes, because if one tribe fought him others would react, because of the inter-tribal fraternity. “They fought the Prophet with full conviction that they were fighting the truth, and a truthful man with the best conduct”.

The Leader cited example of the Battle of Badr, in which the Muslims triumphed through the help of Allah, saying that there was lesson to be deduced from historic imposed battles by the Holy Prophet to the present situation.

In subsequent battles, he further pointed out, the enemies demonstrated wholesale brutality, ambush and war crimes which had fallen short of ethics, dignity and standard. “What some of them did then were acts of shame, cowardice and brutality in the name of war”.

He said, the action of the enemies was a test on the faith of the believers, and an avenue of opportunities for Allah to accept souls of martyrs, as well as to sieve and strengthen resolve of the believers.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, what happened during the Quds Day procession in Zaria was history repeating itself that was full of lessons and wisdom.

According to him, the enemies had prepared the stage with sponsored campaigns of calumny against the Islamic Movement, which was not yielding fruits. “When the campaign was not yielding fruits, they resolved to face the Movement with all their might, shooting to kill. Now their focus and plan is always on how to kill, shoot and kill”.

He said, they have set up traps, planned ambush and staged bomb blasts uncountable times, but Allah thwarted their plans. “They have done their worst without achieving their objective; they are now confused, disenchanted and full of shame. We are victorious, because were are not fighting anyone; we are just talking. Their action has strengthened our resolve and determination on the course”.

According to him, the government had planned for what happened so that there would be anarchy and a curfew would be imposed, “that would have given them the opportunity to go about detonating bombs and attributing it to Shi’a. Allah frustrated their effort”.

The Leader stressed that they unleashed onslaught against the Movement in order to frighten and weaken the members. “Let me also frighten us, as they did. It you are not ready to die or sacrifice your life with all that you possessed, don’t to come us!” He added that, such had been the path and tradition of the Prophets and the pious.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that, the foreign powers are planning to impose the Afghanistan experience in Nigeria by wiping out communities and people such as in Goza, Birnin Gwari, Katsina, Borno and Zamfara forests to establish military camps where panes will siphon Nigeria’s resources that is more valuable and precious than that of Afghanistan, maximum casualties notwithstanding. He added that, the uranium, gold and other mineral resources in Nigeria were more precious than that of Afghanistan.

He said, the only obstacle to their plan is the Islamic Movement, hence the constant plans and plots. The world arrogance, he further stated, knew that the Islamic Movement is mass movement with conscience and true religion of the Ahlul Bayt that has link to Allah. “This is why they intensify effort to crush us with all their might. They will never relent, as did the Quraysh during the time of the Holy Prophet, but one day they will give up. Let me say this, and write this down, for one day it would be recalled I said it: The future of this country will be Islam, and Shi’a being the creed. This is the basic fact, there is no two way about it; it is just a matter of time. Everyone will adhere to Shi’a, because it is the true religion by the Prophet, and not the religion of the Kings established by the enemies”.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, the constant sponsored campaigns of calumny against the Shi’a was deliberate attempt to fight the Islamic Movement on all fronts. He however said, people were now becoming more aware of Shi’a and what it stands for, even among the Christians.

While condemning the act by the Nigerian military, Sheikh Zakzaky described it as a blessing in disguise, whose benefit will be reaped by the victims, the Movement and the whole society.