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Quds Conference: A symposium featuring Scholars and Thinkers

By Khalid Isa
Symposim on Quds
titled  ‘From Al-quds to Zaria: A melting Point of Rights Violation, Veil of Bias and Conspiracy of Silence’. The Speakers, who were introduced by Sheikh Muhammad Turi, include Prof Chidi odikalu, Chief Ebineza, Pastor Yohanna Buru, Mr Massoud Sharez from London and remarks by Malama Zeenah, Iran Ambassador, Hajiya Bilkisu among others.

In his speech Pastor Yohanna Buru, a learned christian gentleman and leader, spoke on the issue of Jerusalem from Biblical point of view from which the issue of Israeli and Palestine  can be understood.  He said that  the verse in  Genesis chapter 12 of holy bible is used by Jew to interpret their belief concerning Jerusalem.   So, base on this, he said, the Jews stick to Judaism and old testament and in the process they claimed  the Israeli state in Jerusalem.

He further explained that in the mind of a Jew Jerusalem is their land, but in history it belongs to Christians. Israelis  will be expelled from the land for disobeying the commandments.  He said Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ to come and liberate the Palestine. He is the only one who can liberate the land and this is the believe of Christians, and because of this,  he said, there are some Christians who don’t want what the Israeli is doing. He further expressed that  there will be new Jerusalem, a new world  with coming of Jesus and he said Shia Muslims also expect the coming of Mahdi who will work with Jesus to liberate Palestine.

The solution to the  problem  of middle East can only  be possible with coming of Jesus christ, he concluded.

Honorable Ebineza of Anti Corruption Network..

The next speaker at the symposium is Honorable Ebineza of  Anti Corruption Network, who started by condoling Sheikh Zakzaky  and  expressed his heart felt concern over the unwarranted killings in Zaria. He said  “ I stand on the podium in solidarity with Truth, in solidarity with Justice  and with Iove;  im here this morning in solidarity with Light”. 

 He described  Israel, as  political entity that has nothing to do with physical Israel; it is just spirit of  political wretchedness only supported by the United Nation.

He further said that what happened in Zaria is really a  conspiracy of Silence as  UN shows inability in solving the problem because of the lack the Truth and not lack of capacity.

Ebineza further said until Palestine is librated  freedom of  the humanity of  the world cannot be completed. Concerning the crimes in Zaria where 34 people were killed, he said,  there is no crime which cannot be traced by the Government  unless it is part of the Government’s  conspiracy.  He expressed that Conspiracies  are hiding under various names such as ISIS, Shabbab and  Boko Haram which introduces  relocation of people just like political system of Israeli of relocation of the Palestinians.

Mr Ebineza elaborated that  if he is to change  to Muslim he would  be shiite, because,  he said the truth started from Iran unnoticeable; not by the UN and Washington DC.

On the issue of the world crises, he said a phenomenon is ravaging the world like  the ISIS that  are financed, trained and sent into syria in order to destroy resistance and that the USA, British and France  have everything to ligitiate them under 24hrs, but they refused.

He furthers said ISIS are armies without border jsut like the Political Israel  which is also the only entity without border. This is another  Conspiracy of silence, he said. He further argued that  the World  refused  to sell arms to Nigerian army, but shabab, ISIS and Alqaeda have all the weapons, ‘ where do they get their arms?’.  Honorable Ebineza said ‘We shall not be silenced in the face of Injustice as Truth is sublime.’

 He said when all stand for the  Truth a new world order will be created adding the  the islamic Movement in Nigeria is the pioneer in championing the course of the Truth in Nigeria. So, he called on everyone, Muslims and Christians alike, to stand for the truth.

On the Homosexuality promoted by Obama, he said the war against morality is going on now headed by USA.  Mr. Ebineza further said that Obama is promoting homosexuality to  conquer morality  thereby conquering and enslaving humanity by killing moral.

Prof Chidi Odinkalu of National Human Commission

The next speaker is Prof Chidi Odinkalu of National Human Commissions,  who, after  thanking Sheikh Zakzaky  for the invitation, also described  the Sheikh as his leader in  Human Rights. Explaining the stand of Sheikh Zakzaky on injustice, he said, few Nigerians opposed Abacha among them is Sheikh Zakzaky and the speaker himself.

He further said  ‘So, we have to be with people  who speak the truth’  adding that it is wrong   not to speak  the truth or recognize it.  He further said Truth  is now  shielded by creating divisions based on creed, religion,  tribe  and location.

The Professor  expressed message of hope that what happened in Zaria shall not happen anywhere again as  no country will witness its citizens killed by uniformed people who are suppose to protect them.

He said the Commission has prioritized the issue of Zaria killing which is pending and public hearing on the case would be held in future.

Mr Chidi further said criticizing Public officers  for their evil is part of solidarity with the oppressed.

Malama Zeenah Ibraheem the Mother of Martyrs.

Malama Zeenah gave a remark on the Quds Day attack. She spoke of her wish and desire, for several years,  to help the Palestinians against  usurpers. She said she always feel bad about Plight of the Palestinians who are under occupation and torture and she kept  hope that, one day,  Muslims in Nigeria can give their contribution to end the occupation of the Palestinian land.

She further said that the incidence of the last year attacks in Zaria showed that  the issue of the Palestinian has been transferred to ‘our land’.

She said her children had the the zeal to help Palestinians and were always working to  bring awareness to youths as Ahmad established Abul Fadl Foundation for this.

Malama Zeenah further said the martyrdom  of her  3 sons is a success, though, she was shock as it happened all at once.  Another success recorded due to their martyrdom, she said, is that those who are less  active and passive have now become more active with the martyrdom.

Next is the Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Shadrez

In his message the Iranian ambassador to Nigeria Mr Shadrez , delivered a short address  at the gathering, expressing that the blood of martrys have value and not a loss.

He further said  the Palestinian issue is very important issue in Iranian policy as a result of which Iran faced serious  pressure, sanctions  and embargo because of the  Palestinian issue.  Mr Shadrez  said there is no way the Islamic Ummah should be awakened without Palestine issue.

In conclusion he prayed for a free  Palestine and hoped  that Palestinian refugees shall go back to their territories.  He concluded by thanking  Sheikh Zakzaky for having such a  valuable conference adding that Iran will never give up  in supporting the Palestine. Iran’s  support for the Palestine is not base on sunna or shia, he concluded.

Mr Massoud Shadrez  from Malaysia

Also those who joined the conference via sype is  Mr. Masoud Shadjareh of Islamic Human Rights, London . He delivered his address to the conference.

Sayyidah Zahra khomeini  also sent her goodwill  message of Kudos to the lovers and protectors of Quds. Her message was read to the gathering.

Prof Dahiru Yahaya also read a message sent from Malaysia.