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protest against iranian embassy: an action of the miscreants

By Nasir Hashim
I was deeply touched by the behaviour of some miss-informed and greedy Nigerians against Iranian embassy in Abuja on Thursday, the 3rd of March, 2016.

 The incident was indeed very sad – sad because it appeared to me that the man who led the protesters might be a Christian religious leader as he was styled Bishop Musa Fomsom. However, I don’t doubt the fact that Bishop Musa and his people were hired by some Wahabbi bigots who have been determined to go to any great length to wipe out Shia Muslims of Nigeria. After Zaria military brutality on unarmed civilians, Wahabbists exposed their most dangerous intention against Shia Muslims to the extent that many people thought the Wahabbists were partners in the massacre. They overtly expressed their happiness and satisfaction, and followed with dangerous accusations, conspiracies, false propaganda and hate preaches in writings and in spoken words on radio and television etc. These people have already closed down their minds and deviated from the direction of humanity. Also, they misinterpreted the true meaning of religion.

Everybody with perspective mind could easily understand that the protest against Iranian mission in Nigeria was parochially stage managed in the interest of Wahabbism. Bishop Musa claimed that they protesting because Iran was interfering in the internal affairs of Nigeria. This showed that Bishop Musa and his group were true and patriotic Nigerians who wished to protect its integrity, many Nigerians would look at it that that way. But the question is wherethey were in 1995 when Ken Saro-Wiwa, the leader of “the Movement of the Survival of Ogoni People” was executed by Abacha? Because of this single soul, Britain did not only interfere in Nigerian internal affairs but suspended it from Commonwealth of Nations for three years. United States of America imposed ammunition sanction and was considering economic sanction on Nigeria when Abacha died. Then the political mood changed. Another question is how many times did Bishop Musa and his group hold protests against USA, Britain and the Commonwealth countries? We need answers to these two questions as soon as Bishop sees them. Before then, I wish to advise that we all have to becareful in whatever action we take. Although the society has been sold on money, human dignity is still very important. Whatever amount of money invested in the protest venture, social and religious implications far outweighed the material benefit. Nigerians should not consider poverty as a factor that necessitates diving into any kind of business. Many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia are living in penury beyond the imagination of even rural Nigerians. I travelled a lot and i am an eyewitness. Nigeria is a great nation. Several times, some individuals and organisations wanted to use me as a propaganda tool. I knew quite alright I would make a lot of money but flatly declined. I will never ever do anything that can endanger humanity. I am a human being first before anything else. If i can lie or conspire against fellow human being because of some material wealth then my life has no purpose.

Forget about Shia and Sunna political divide, what happen in Zaria on 12th to 13th December, 2015 was purely an issue of humanity. Mankind regardless of their religious affiliations, are relatives in humanity and, whoever rejects this, is not worth the name (human being). Massacre of human lives and their properties must be condemned by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists and what have you. Thus, the stance taken by Iranian authority and its mission in Nigeria should be hailed by every good human person, instead of protesting against it. Many countries including those that were accused to have hands in the atrocity openly condemned it. Protests were held world widely denouncing Nigerian authorities.

Of course Iran stood in the forefront in condemning the devil work of Nigerian military. As far as I know, this is not because Iran isa Shia country but because Iranians as Shia Muslims, can never tolerate tyranny and injustice. This has been the Shia orientation to whoever knows its doctrines.  At least this is what history says about Shia Muslims throughout space and time. One should consider the issue of Palestine – Palestine is not a Shia community. Sunni Muslims is approximately 98% of the Palestinian population. The rest of the percentage is shared among Christians, Shia MuslimsDruzeetc. HoweverIran has been atloggerheads with Israel and some western nations over the issue of Palestine. Iran has been the only source for help Palestinians. Most Arab nations remain silent over the years when Palestinian people are being oppressed by Israel.

I have been following the sectarian politics of Middle East for some years now. Iranian stance against politics and human injustice gave her lots of enemies among gulf countries and the west. In the gulf region most especially, Saudi Arabia champion the course of an Iran propaganda and conspiracy. Recently, Saudi royal family gave $681million to Malaysian who banned Shia Islam. Somalia received $50million to cut ties with Iran. Sudan received %5 billion in military aid from Saudi Arabia to go against Iranian interest in Yemen.

It is a common knowledge that Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries made name in discrimination and persecution against religious minorities. Conversely, Iran is famous in providing security and liberty to all religious minorities including Sunni Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc.

Amnesty Internal reported last year. “The Shia minority who live in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich eastern province faced entrenched discrimination that limited their access to state services and employment. Shia leaders and activists faced arrest, imprisonment and in some case the death penalty following unfair trial. The case of Sheik NimrBaqirNimr is worldwide known. The situation is the same Bahrain although Shiites make up over 70% of the total population.

In 2011 when I was in the Republic of the Gambian, I travelled to Bwiam, a village in west coast region in pursuit of my Master thesis entitled, “Religion and Societal Development.” I had an honour to be accommodated at a Catholic Monastery which as under the authority of Arch Bishop of Banjul. In a particular morning, I went to meet     Rev. Father Colley for an interview. While I was waiting for his arrival, I saw a Catholic offer Bulletin of that month, May, 2011. I took it gently and then got attracted to an article which had a title, “The Life Christian Communities in Muslim Countries.” I immediately began to read it with keen interest. There was a statement in the article which said, “Christians are safer in Shia communities than in Sunni communities all over the world.” This sounds true, becauseWahabbists/Salafists are popular for their religious intolerance. They believe that if you are not part of them, at best you are heretic at worst an infidel and your blood must be shed at all cost. The issue of humanity is not in their dictionary. This is among the causes of creation and funding of Al-Qaida, Al-shabab, Taliban, Boko Haram and An-sarudeen of Mali, ISIS, etc. the target of these terrorist organisations are primarily Christians and Shia Muslims. Shia does not have any terrorist organisation but in order to strike balance, recently some Arabs nations headed by Saudi Arabia declared Hezbollah as terrorist organisation. Nevertheless, the can change anything as the world knows Hezbollah is only resistance group against Israeli callous and inhuman aggression.

Going back to Bishop Musa – I think this man is a pseudo clergyman. All my efforts to determine his true identity failed. I could not find the church he was representing in the whole Nigeria. One may think that Mr. Musa is a catholic Christian going by the title “Bishop.” Personally, I doubt because to the best of my knowledge, catholic Christians are people of sympathy and mercy. Here is the opinion of Bishop Kuka (the true Bishop). He said, “As far as I am concerned, the Zaria killing is a national disaster. I expected the president to declare a national mourning especially because of people that lost their lives. There is no way the president will not be held responsible because the buck stops at his table.”

Also, I am certain that Bishop Musa was not representing Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) because CAN has good understand of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). On several occasions, some Pastors honoured the invitation of Islamic Movement toAshura Days, Maulud, Sallah feasts, etc. Pastor Yohanna Buru of Evangelical Church, Kaduna is a good example. Last year, Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports, Br. SolomonDalong accompanied by some people from his state attended sallah feast, and Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky personally served them food. Therefore, no good Christian can protest against Iranian embassy due to its role in ensuring justice is done on Zaria incident. Humanity relationship has no border. Good human beings should fight for justice whenever it is denied, be it in his country or abroad. That was the concern of Iranian ambassador and his country.

Another individual who partner with Bishop Musa was Abubakar Ibrahim. This personality is infamous. I am yet to discover the group – religious or human right he has represented. Islam is a religion of peace and mercy while human right organisations aim at securing freedom and justice for humanity. They never advocate chaos among human beings.

At this point in time, I wish to call on all Nigerians irrespective of religious persuasions to live together and united. They should not allow themselves into the services of the people who have no respect for humanity, and belief system other than their own; people that promote religious intolerance and openly call for war on those they styled infidels. Nigeria is a secular country and should continue to be so. It is high time Nigerians realised that most scholars are only using religion as a business venture. Because Nigerians are too religious, they are easily manipulated to score socio-economic or political goal.

·         I am proud to be a Muslim, humanist and Nigerian but, it is regrettable that the society has no sympathy for human life.

·         It is regrettable our country after 56 years of independence politicians are still campaigning to provide electricity, Roads, Social homes, Healthy water supply, Educations, Transports, Hospitals etc.

·         It is regrettable corruption in our country becomes a Golden crown on the head of a lion king.

·         It is regrettable that the society uses religion as a weapon for offence and     defence.

·         It is regrettable that the society has no tolerance for diversity.

·         It is regrettable that both literates and illiterates think alike.

·         It is regrettable that people preach one thing but practise another thing.

·         It is regrettable that politicians consider religion as a means of securing votes.

·         It is regrettable that some people feel happy because others are killed

·         It is regrettable that graduates and some professors of political science rely on rumours for political analysis.

·         It is regrettable that young people who can read and write but abandon their books at home and rush to Juma’at mosques and Sunday churches to listen to sermons delivered on basis of falsehood and hate rhetoric.

·         It is regrettable that politics is misinterpreted to mean deceptions, lies and conspiracies.

·         It is regrettable that those who commit some acts of immorality today tomorrow are regarded as heroes because they possess material wealth.

·         It is regrettable that the same people, who come to your house seeking for vote today, become arrogant tomorrow after assuming office.

·         It is regrettable that most people think leaders have more rights than their subjects.

·         It is regrettable that people have no respect for local initiatives.

·         It is most regrettable that the society is divided by other of enmity:

·         The rich consider the poor enemies.

·         The ruling party considers the opposition enemies

·         The military consider the civilians enemies

·         The Muslims consider the Christians enemies and vise-vasa.

·         The Salafists consider the Shiites and Sufists enemies and vise-vasa.

To the best of my knowledge, no religion is calling for the loss of mankind. Peace is the focal of focal point of every religion.

In conclusion, I state againall mankind regardless of religious affiliations are relatives in humanity. This is my philosophy (period).

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon the rightly guided.