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It is exactly 880 days since when our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has been detained illegally in Abuja. It is also exactly two weeks now when a court summon was presented to him on some trumped up charges and he refused to accept the papers, demanding that the authorities first do the right thing, which is to obey the court order granting him his freedom. 

The Sheikh reiterated that he will not budge an inch from the detention centre willingly.

We find this latest attempt to provoke the Islamic Movement as an attempt by the federal government of Buhari to kill our leader, after Allah has spared him of his life from the murderous attempt of the Nigerian army in December, 2015. We hereby categorically declare this as unacceptable and the federal government will be held responsible for anything untoward should happen to our revered leader.

It is foolhardy for anybody to think that people of conscience all over the world will be convinced of the appropriateness of the step taken by Kaduna state government to prosecute Sheikh Zakzaky. The fact that it came after two and half years is enough an indication that it is an afterthought. What happened at Sheikh Zakzakys residence is crystal clear. Guns and bullets were all that he heard and saw approaching his house in December, 2015. For the government to now come out and accuse him of murder is out-rightly ridiculous and mischievous.

We are not oblivious of what the Saudi Crown prince divulge of recent in an interview with Times magazine, where he claimed that Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army was part of a grand design by his regime to curb the influence of Iran in Africa; even though the Saudi Authorities we know acted on the behest of its foreign sponsors namely USA, Britain and Israel.

We will continue with our protests demanding Sheikh Zakzakys freedom on the streets of major cities of Nigeria, Abuja in particular, till when the federal government decided to obey the federal high courts order releasing our leader and his wife.

We will not be deceived into believing that the federal government has no hand in this latest ploy to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, President Buhari will and must surely be blamed for anything that happen to Sheikh Zakzaky. It is crystal clear to all and sundry that the federal government has no intention of solving the crisis it created when it murdered 1000+ people in Zaria peacefully.

We totally reject this move to carry our sick leader by force to a court in Kaduna for sundry charges that some people are standing trial for. For now we pray to Allah strengthen our leader and keep him safe, while we face the might of the Nigerian state on the streets.