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Professor Dahiru Yahaya Decries Preference of Material Knowledge

By Ibrahim Usman
Professor Dahiru Yahaya  of the Bayero University Kano knowledge and moral training is relative with time and place, but that Islam is the cradle of knowledge and civilization.

 According to him, knowledge is of two kinds; spiritual knowledge and material knowledge. “Material knowledge now rules and is the order of the day in all present governments, except in Fuddiyah type of education”.

Professor Yahaya defined knowledge a the seeking of the ultimate and morality is the positive effect of knowledge, and that for sound and quality education, representing the spiritual knowledge, to be actualized intelligence should be in place as well as the watch word. He also said the material knowledge is built on con, smartness, struggle to outwit and out smart, cleverness.

He argued that, no society can develop with education founded on cleverness and con.”The best form of education is the education placed on intelligence, truth and objective rational thinking. No graduate of this system of education built on material precepts can be that good product necessary for the ideal development needed”.

The Professor also pointed out that, intelligence should be the yardstick for determining the best system that can provide the best form of education for sustained development of the society. “Even our politics is built on con and attempt o outsmart”, he added. He therefore called for preference of the spiritual guidance to guide people in the pursuit of knowledge in the present era.

He said, the evolution of Fudiyyah schools under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is a novel idea in Africa, and even the world over, where spiritual guidance is placed well above material pursuit in all aspects of human development. He commended members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), whom he said are exemplary and the only hope for this nation.