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Prof Yahaya Speaks on the Lessons of Islamic Awakening

The first lecture in the series of unity week programme was delivered by Professor Dahiru Yahaya from Bayero University, Kano. He spoke on lessons of the Islamic Awakening which affects some Arab countries.

He started by  describing the root of the awakening and its historical background where he said the revolution of Imam Husain(AS) in Karbala is the root of the current Islamic Awakening as imam Husain(AS) was the first to reject and oppose lies and injustice. Right from then,  in the Ummah there has always been a group of people who are awake. Though, majority are in slumber, but those who hold past to Ahlulbat(AS) are always awake.


The speaker also explained the success of Islamic Revolution in 1979 in Iran which was not by the guns. Rather, it achieved victory by the popular slogan of “Allah Akbar” (Allah is the most greatest). He added that  ‘Allah Abkar’  is the slogan too in the current uprising.

On the lessons from the uprising. The speaker explained some points:-

1.      1.  It’s now generally believed that Muslims cannot be crushed or overcome

2.      2.   Muslims believed that one will never lose by holding on fast to Islam. The Muslims generally believed that Islam is God’s favour and blessings to them.

3.      3.   Islam is superior to government as it should be guided by its teaching and not vice versa.

4.      4. Those who are deep slumber have not become awakened.

5.      5.   The Slogan ‘Allahu Akbar’ has become the rallying point in all the uprisings.

6.      6.  It shows revolution can be achieved without use of guns.

7.      7.   The Uprising has spread to Europe and America.

8.      8.  The current of uprising is the effects of 1979 revolution in Iran which keeps going to date.

The speaker called Muslims to unite. He said to achieve unity Muslims should do away with two things: fear and materialism.

In his remarks, leader of the Islamic Movement in NIgeria, Sayyed Zakzaky thanked the speaker for immense contribution. he added that in Nigeria Islam is the only way out. So, in order to stop Islam from raising, they created Shia without struggle. Now, they have created another non-existence called Boko Haram, nothing is known about the group be it address, a person, a center or any other thing. Every one know who did the bombings and killings in Kano, after the attacks in Kano they put fag of Lailah Ilallah. Who put the flag, was it the Boko Haram after bombings?!!, It cant be. The enemies put it to blame Islam.  It is clear all this is done to attack us.

Now they put a battalion of soldiers in Federal College of Educatiob FCE (Zaria) in our midst. All the evils plan to attack Islamic Movement shall fail. The target is Nigeria for it is seen like a superpower in Africa whihc others copy from. Our hope is that when uprsing begins in Nigeria let it have a  sound ideology and Leadership.