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Prof. Yahaya attributes African crises to economic interest of western nations

By Ibrahim Usman
Renowned Professor of History at the prestigious Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, Professor Dahiru Yahaya has attributed uprisings in some African countries to the instituted economic interest of the western nations.

The Professor made the statement while speaking at a panel discussion of experts by the Deutseche Welle Hausa Radio Service on the recent appearance of Kenyan President uhuru Kenyatta before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Asked on the political and ethnic crises in Kenya which led to the summon of the country’s president by the International Criminal Court, the university Don pointed out that  the crises across African continent are artificial, created by powerful nations with economic interests in the regions. “If you look closely at those troubled regions, there are economic gains by some powerful nations. They create ethnic or political crises and use it as smokescreen to siphon resources of these regions”.

He cited example of the crisis in Northern Nigeria, Northeast in particular, where oil was discovered in abundance. “The crises are created from the outside, as history has proved that the people were living in relative peace before this time, or before discovery of resources in their areas”, he added.

Professor Yahaya also said, because the crises are deliberately instituted, the real perpetrators are known. “The perpetrators of these crises are known, just as how the perpetrators of the so-called Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria are very well known. Their plan is become an open secret, God is now exposing them”.

He further said, the world should go beyond the court appearance and trial of Uhuru Kenyatta and look for the real perpetrators of the crisis in the country.

He said though the appearance of the Kenyan President before the ICC was commendable, the trial itself is a mere smokescreen to blindfold the people from the actual situation on ground.