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Prof Abdulfatah, Ustaz Ladan Speak on the Necessity of Muslim Unity

The first Lecture of the Unity week Programe on Thursday the 12 R/Auwal 1433 (24/1/13) was on the Necessity of Unity of Muslim Ummah and was delivered by two Speakers- Ustaz Usman Aliyu Ladan  and professor Abdulfatah of University of Maiduguri.

The programme was attended by large number of people who gathered at Husainiyyh Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. The first lecture was delivered by Ustaz Usman Aliyu ladan who is the Youths leader of Izala Muslim group. He spoke on the necessity of Unity saying it brings power which is unbreakable by enemies. He cited the example of sticks tight as a bundle. He said those sticks cannot be broken into pieces by a single person; whereas, if each stick is removed from the bundle it can be broken into pieces easily with little effort.  He added that this is what is expected of Muslims to be.

He lamented that some Islamic scholars’ actions and utterances only serve the enemies of Islam. he called on them to desist from such utterances, they shoudl work towards the Islamic Unity.

Ustaz Uslam Aliyu Ladan

Professor Abdulfatah who also shed light on topic called on the Ummah to come together. He further expressed the necessity of the unity of the Muslim Ummah despite their differences.

The leader of the Islamic Movement thanked the speakers for the important lecture they delivered on the issue of unity of the Muslim Ummah. He said unity is emphasized in the holy qur’an where Allah said ‘ As for the Faithless, they are allies of one another,  unless you do the same, there will be tribulation in the earth and great corruption”  surah Anfal Ayah 73. The Leader said Fitnah comes in the absence of the deen and when the religion is not in the commands of the affairs of people.  He described Islam as the only true religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.

The leader went further to explain that divisions and disunity among the Muslim Ummah benefits only the enemies. The enemies are after causing divisions and even fight within the Muslims themselves and then they will come in as mediators and helpers. They will benefit even if it is  dispute regarding differences in opinions without weapons.

He added that the issue of unity, as has been said over and over, does not mean each person should leave his understanding for another. Our differences come as a result of different in understanding the message from the root, and this is something normal, he said. We don’t differ regarding the oneness of Allah and messengership of the prophet(SAWA). Each of us testifies to the Kalimatish Shahadah.  More so, our holy book Qur’an is the same. It is only an insane will submit to the fabrication that a group of Muslims have a different book.

Our differences arise from understanding of the message from the root, and when an enemies tries to exploit it for his advantage, we should face him together, the leader added.

Speaking on the situation in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky further expressed that Muslims have been majority in Nigeria according to various census conducted since 1942 to date, yet policies are designed with disregard to them as a majority.

Now it reaches a stage where Islam is seen as enemy. At check points, they only look for sign of Islam in the vehicle or with the person in it. With this, all Muslims are now suspects, especially if they carry Islamic signs.

Daily news always portrays Muslims as terrorists and their religion as terrorism. So, at this critical time in which the world Kufr sees Islam as enemy, we shall unite and do our best to show that Islam is Message to humanity generally.  Should any one says ‘you Muslims are disunited’ tell him ‘that it is not your business’.

Islamic practices, like the daily prayers, are the same in every nook and corner of the world. Muslims  offer the same type of prayers. There is neither  Shia nor Sunni prayers. Should anyone from different part of the world joins a people in prayer   at another place, he knows every act in the prayer and he will do the same. This is a pointer to the Muslims that their religion is one and the same. Yes, we have some differences in understanding, but our goal is the same.

Should an  enemy s says  ‘that type of  Islam is not good and will wage war on it’,  we shall know that there is no type of Islam which he sees as correct and will devour on all if he gets the chance; including you.

On the issue of crimes, the Leader says if anyone plants a bomb or commits an offence, he should be seen as a criminal without associating such a person to Islam or any religion.

Speaking further on necessity of unity, the Sheikh said  Muslims as described by a Hadeeth are like single human body system in which if a part is affected with pain, the rest of the body is affected too. Muslims are a single entity and whoever attack a section would one day attack you too.

The leader concluded by re-emphasising on the necessity of unity of the Ummah saying it is of extreme importance and necessity as stated in the holy Qur’an and Haddeth of the Prophet (SAWA); more so intellects points to its necessity too. He described lack of unity as something in which the Ummah wil be judged on the Day of Judgement and assisting towards unity will attract huge reward from God.