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Proceedings at seminar on Education and Moral Training in Kaduna

By Ibrahim Usman

Kaduna chapter of the Education and Moral Training Forum under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has on Saturday conducted inaugural seminar of the Forum to discuss problems militating against education development in the zone, with a view to finding lasting solution.

The event, tagged “Towards Improving Knowledge and Morality in the Society”, took place at the Markaz in Zango Road Kaduna, was attended by representatives of all arms of the Movement, students and Parents Teachers’ Association and relevant stakeholders.

Presenting a paper at the occasion titled, “Improving Moral Ethics”, Malam Muhammad Sulaiman from Kaduna said moral ethics (Akhlaq) is an independent special subjects that extends to all branches of Islamic disciplines, saying it is all-encompassing.

He pointed out that, moral ethics as a discipline allows one to discover his real self, inner most manifestation; quoting Imam Khomeini’s saying that “It is easier to become a scholar than a human being”.

Malam Muhammad Sulaiman pointed out that; all world problems were as a result of moral disorientation, adding that Akhlaq is a continuous process and multi-faceted. “Akhlaq is not only limited to relationship between man to man, but largely extends to between man and his Creator”.

He called for identifying and aligning Fudiyyah text books with the books of general concepts of identified Mujtaheed of the time.

Also in his presentation, Malam Ibrahim Potiskum from Zaria talked about “Importance of Knowledge”, citing specific references from Holy Qur’an and traditions, as well current model situations.

He called for the establishment of a Fudiyyah school model and a special Education Trust Fund to run it, “until that is done all effort will be an endeavor in futility. We should carefully review Sheikh Zakzaky’s comments on our educational needs to really know our requirements”.

Malam Ibrahim Potiskum further called for the inclusion of current affairs in school curriculum, saying that the best knowledge is the type that tallies with the knowledge of world events. “Know your religion and your time”, he said.

He said, Imam Khomeini had during his struggle revolutionized the Ja’afari school of thought itself through modification of the concept of Marja’iyyah and Fiqh to tally with his time.

He urged stakeholders to be steadfastness, dedication and honesty in the quest for towards actualizing the set objectives to fulfill the ultimate aspiration of Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky of inculcating sound knowledge in the society.

In her presentation, Malama Jamila Auwal Mukhtar Sahabi described the role of parents in the provision of sound knowledge and morality to their children as an obligatory act, rather than “contribution” as described by organizers of the event.

She said, the role of the parents starts from choosing the right spouse for marriage, adding that they manner at which the spouse was chosen and the Islamic family way of life determines the character of a child. “The way mother and father conducts their affairs at home also forms part of education process in a child”.

Describing the mother as the hub of morality, Malama Jamila called for legal earning especially from men as it has direct bearing to the shaping of moral conduct of a child.

Representative of students present, Sumayyah Muhammad, read out a presentation which outlined appeal by the students to parents demanding their right to quality knowledge.

In a closing remark, Malam Aliyu Tirmizi commended the orgaizers for actualizing the Forum in Kaduna, which he said was long overdue and called for the iplementation of the decisions reached at the workshop.

Highlights of the occasion were drama presentation on the significance of knowledge acquisition and songs on the topic.

A communiqué was also issued after the occasion.