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Pro-Palestinian Protest: Police Killed 2 in Kaduna.

Police opened fire on a peaceful pro-Palestine protest in Kaduna on Thursday the 16th of Nov., 2023.

Brothers and Sisters staged the peaceful protest around 11 am local time from Nepa Roundabout in the Kaduna city center. They matched along Muhammadu Buhari way to the Office of National Human Rights Commission carrying Palestinian flags to take a letter to the Commission.

Minutes later Police attacked the protesters with teargas followed by live ammunition, killing two and injuring scores. The martyrs are Brother Sidi Anas, 30, and 15-year-old boy Brother Muhsin Abubakar.

The Protest was staged to condemn Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians for over 40 consecutive days where the illegal state of Israel massacred over 11 thousand innocent people.

Shahid Muhsin and Sahid Sidi Anas

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