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Our attention has been drawn to a false, unsubstantiated and mischievous claim, that looks more like a planned operation aimed at painting the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) black, of some “intelligence” report that the IMN may plan kidnap of military officers for ransom for the release of our revered leader, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Typically, this was followed by the alleged kidnap of an Army officer in Kaduna with the Nigerian Army issuing statement calling on the public to give information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. Soon, some media outlets were quick to quote these malicious sources linking the IMN with the alleged kidnap.

It is obvious that the government and its Army are going further with their plans of campaign of calumny and false propaganda against the Movement ranging from smear documentaries on Television networks, advertorials in daily newspapers, sponsoring fake non-governmental organizations and engagement of some very dubious characters to malign the IMN and its leadership, to engaging in organized crimes and attributing same to the Movement.

We wish to categorically state here that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has never, is not and will never engage in any form of crime to meet any of its objectives. Crime and criminal activities are fundamentally sinful and are not in our character.

The Islamic Movement knows that due to official administrative ineptitude and official negligence of constituted authority, a lot of crimes including kidnapping are prevalent in the country. As a religious body, the IMN condemns and preaches against all forms of crime. Therefore, it is virtually illogical and unreasonable for anyone to presume that the IMN would turn around to engage in such acts of immorality. The IMN is a peaceful mass Movement, with enlightened and responsible members. For close to four decades now, it has conducted its activities in the most civilized manner and cannot in any way be derailed from that golden track record. IMN will therefore never be lured or diverted into any form of crime or violence.

We are forced to believe that the government and its Army are resorting to these vicious campaigns in desperation. They wish not only to bury their crimes against humanity, but also to justify the bestiality they meted on the innocent unarmed members of the Movement between 12th and 14th of December 2015, including burning IMN members alive, sexual mutilation and harassment of women, as well as abduction and illegal detention of members including the leader of the Movement, besides killing over 1000 unarmed citizens.

IMN has followed due processes in dealing with this injustice by the government on its members and leader. It is pertinent to reiterate that this will be sustained. This peaceful campaign for justice and fairness using lawful means of seeking redress will not be distracted. This should be clear from the way IMN handled the Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government, making things public at every stage. The same can be said in the way it took its campaign and case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

Finally, we would like to use this platform to echo our call on the government and its Army to own up to their crimes and release the revered leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and other members unconditionally.


Ibrahim Musa


Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

0805 078 6390