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PRESS STATEMENT: The army bent on trampling on our right to freedom of speech

This is in response to the press statement issued by the Army Spokesperson, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, in which he accused the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and in particular Dr. Abdullahi Danladi of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria of campaign of calumny and miss-information.

Not satisfied with the incessant violation of human rights vividly displayed by the Nigerian Army in its indiscriminate killing of armless civilians, including women and children, Colonel Kukasheka Usman is now further engaging in another round of violating a citizens right to express himself.

Whatever Dr Abdullahi Danladi might have said that is provoking a threat to his life by the Army Spokesperson would not be anything less than what several human right groups especially the Human Rights Watch have stated. This is because the Army had earlier underestimated the responsiveness and pro-activeness of the Islamic Movement in its efforts to cover-up its mess and now that everything is coming out to the bare the Army is jittery with the outcome.

Hence, what is now left for the Army and the government is to threaten the lives or even eliminate those they could blame for letting the world know of their crimes instead of taking corrective measures. We call on all well meaning individuals and groups to rise against this gross violation of human rights and remind the Army that Nigeria is under a democracy and every person has the right to express himself and give account of what he knows especially of the military atrocity on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

It is the duty of Nigerians to say no to impunity and misuse of office by the Army Spokesperson to threaten lives of individuals especially those who stand against injustice.

Finally, we see this as a signal of the armys intent to silence anybody that dares says anything that does not portray the Army in good light even after the atrocity committed.


President of Media Forum of the Islamic Movement 24/12/15