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PRESS STATEMENT: Soldiers attacked Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky’s convoy in Abuja

By Ibrahim Usman
Heavily armed soldiers today, July 26, 2015 attacked the convoy of Leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on entry into Abuja.

Unidentified Hilux van parked by the road side at Jere Kagoro Junction started trailing the Shaikh’s covoy on entry, while another tried to stage an ambush at the front, but was overtaken by the convoy.

The vehicle engaged the convoy to a senseless race, specifically aiming at the car in which Shaikh Zakzaky was seated, up to the check point at the War College at Bwari.

At the check point, the soldiers who were already on full alert took strategic position with guns and demanded that all occupants of the vehicles step out and be checked.

When head of the convoy demanded identification and what their mission was, the already charged soldiers would not listen despite several attempts to dialogue, yet threatened to shoot.

When all appeal to sensibility failed, The Shaikh’s convoy proceeded,  but was vigorously pursued by the combined reinforcement of armed soldiers threatening to shoot.

Not satisfied, the soldiers were reinforced and intercepted the Shaikh’s convoy again but were dodged, while some cars were badly damaged.

 At the Sheraton junction, they tried to erect another checkpoint which failed.

We wonder what the mission of these armed soldier was, and on whose orders they acted.

The unprovoked action of the soldiers is laced with insidious intent capable of disrupting the peace, and an insult on a man of God whose peaceful conduct was testified and acclaimed the world over.

For the Islamic Movement to succumb to intense scrutiny by the same military that one year ago, killed 34 brothers and sisters, including 3 of the Shaikh’s sons during the International Quds Day peaceful procession, called for intense caution.

Once bitten, twice shy, we will not to be intimated and give our known and perceived enemies the opportunity to spill our blodd at will.

While we strongly condemn that acts as barbaric, uncouth and uncivilized, we call on all peace lovers to condemn the act on innocent citizens.

We cannot also succumb to pressure and unreasonable scrutiny on the same soldiers that have been after the life of our revered Shaikh on daily basis since after the killings of his three children and followers.

As a lawful citizen, Shaikh Zakzaky has all the rights and privileges to move about with his people, anywhere, and conduct his activities without the slightest interrogation or hindrance.

Followers of the Shaikh also have the right to give him maximum protection to best of their ability.