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PRESS STATEMENT: Policemen Caught On Video Burning Own Vehicle To Frame Up Members Of The Islamic Movement; IGP petitioned, Islamic Movement calls for probe

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has called on the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to urgently investigate the setting on fire of police operational vehicle on Saturday (22/08/2020) in Kaduna when a detachment from the Kaduna police command attacked a group of mourners without provocation and was seen setting their vehicle on fire.

This was contained in a petition written to the IGP, Mohammed Adamu, and signed by the President of the Movement’s Media Forum, Ibrahim Musa, calling on him to set up an investigation panel as a matter of urgency to investigate the circumstances surrounding this senseless act of destruction of own property.

Policemen were caught on camera setting their own operational vehicle ablaze shortly after they opened fire on the Ashura mourners, killing 3 people and wounding dozens of others. Many other vehicles belonging to members of the Islamic Movement were also vandalized by the rampaging policemen, who also set houses ablaze and made a number of arrests.

It was not immediately clear why policemen would deliberately set their own vehicle on fire, but it might not be unconnected with their attempts at framing up members of the Islamic Movement, who were solemnly mourning the brutal murder of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S) as is done in many parts of the Islamic world each year during this period.

The petition written by the Islamic Movement partly reads:

In exercise of our constitutional rights to practice the religion of our choice including its observances, practices and rites, Shiites resident in Kaduna gathered to solemnly commemorate the brutal killing of Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of our Prophet Muhammad (S) as is enshrined in our doctrines and practiced in all parts of the Islamic world in this first Islamic month of Al-Muharram. Saturday, 22nd August corresponded with the 3rd of the month and was therefore our third consecutive day we were holding this religious mourning rite in Kaduna this year.

However, unlike the two previous days before, a detachment of policemen from the Kaduna Police Command arrived at the scene of the mourning session and opened fire without provocation or warning. As a result of this unwarranted attacks, the following were extrajudicially killed on the spot:
1. Malam Abubakar Ali
2. Ali Rigasa
3. Hassan Umar Ali

Scores escaped with varying degrees of injuries from police bullets. In addition, several cars belonging to the mourners were utterly vandalized and houses were torched by the rampaging policemen.

The following people had their houses burnt:
1. Mal. Aliyu Bakin Ruwa.
2. Mal. Suleiman Mai unguwa.
3. Mal. Sabi’u Sheltos.
4. Mal. Murtala Shanono.
5. Mal. Abubakar na Malam.

What was most surprising however, was the deliberate setting on fire of an operational police vehicle by some of the policemen that conducted the operation. Although several false flag operations had been carried out in the past, it is not clear whether this was also part of their detail this time around. Nevertheless, we have captured it all on video and we can prove beyond doubts that it was policemen that deliberately set their own vehicle ablaze.

In the light of this, we urge you to promptly set up an investigative panel to probe the circumstances that led to your own men deliberately burning your own vehicle and make your findings public, except of course, if it was part of your operational details. We will not hesitate to share with you video clips to prove our position on this. Failure to do this will authenticate the assertion that the police are desperately looking for ways to frame up members of the Islamic Movement in order to justify their premeditated attacks on members of the Islamic Movement, as they have always done.

We sincerely hope that you take up this challenge with the utmost urgency that it deserves.

Ibrahim Musa
President, Media Forum
Islamic Movement in Nigeria
Attached is a short clip of police burning their vehicle