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PRESS STATEMENT: Let Sheikh Abduljabbar be!

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is aware that Kano state government had on Wednesday 03/02/2021, through the Commissioner of Information, Muhammad Garba, ordered the closure of Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara’s mosque and house, located at Gwale Local Government in the Kano metropolis. And in the early hours the following day, heavily armed security personnel, including operatives of the State Security Services, were sighted at both the mosque and his residence to ensure compliance to the order.

According to Ganduje’s government of Kano state the order was given in order to maintain peace in the state following the allegations that the preacher insults the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in his religious commentaries as reported to it by some Ulama in the state.
However it is on record that the scholars and the Kano state government have all accused him of insulting the Prophet of Islam and his companions without allowing him any chance to defend himself and without producing the exact speeches in which he made the insults. Also, Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara has denied the accusations in several video clips that have gone viral on social media including those produced by news sources like the BBC. He insists that he is only debunking some sayings found in the Sunni Muslim books that not only contradict but are also irreconcilable with the religion, reason and logic that are wrongly attributed to the prophet of Islam.
The Islamic Movement categorically condemned these latest persecutions of an Islamic Cleric of repute and described it as gross injustice. We believe the Kano State Government under Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje took its decision as a result of the pressure mounted by some scholars that were not at home with the Sheikh’s teachings. However it should be reminded that those it sided with are the disciples of Ibn Taymiyyah, a 7th Islamic century controversial scholar who is the founder of the ideology most terrorist groups globally are following. The groups that hide under the cloak of Islam to kill and maim those that don’t agree with their world view, which is the height of religious intolerance.
A secular Government shall not be seen to favour one religious sect over another, as this may well go in conflict with the provisions of sections 38, 39 and 42 of Nigeria’s Constitution as well as the UN and AU Charters on human rights. And the ban is illegal and Unconstitutional as there is not a law that appointed state governments as "Registrars" to determine which preaching is good or bad. It would have been wiser for the governor to engage the aggrieved scholars and make them realize that since Sheikh Abduljabbar is not forcing anybody to follow him, he can’t be stopped by the might of the government, rather debates and dialogue is what is needed.
On a final note, we advise the Sunni adherents in Nigeria to take the path of dialogue and debate on the issues raised by Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara. Using brute force and fraudulent propaganda will not help their cause. It is evident that some Kano Ulama have deliberately edited some educational sessions of Sheikh Abduljabbar, to make him appear as if he is denigrating the Prophet and his companions and making it go viral among the populace. Nigerians have the right to choose the religious inclination they want to belong to. Persecution of Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara and his followers is in contravention of the Nigerian constitution, the rule of law and fundamental human rights.
Regrettably it was Sheikh Zakzaky yesterday, it’s Sheikh Abduljabbar today, and certainly those who teamed up with the Salafi clerics, who before now consider them as unbelievers to fight Sheikh Abduljabbar, could be next in line. Lest they forget, not long ago, the Kaduna state government attacked the house of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi of Tijaniyya Sufi order and arrested hundreds of students found there. Another Tijaniyya scholar, Prof. Ibrahim Maqari was subjected to calls for his removal as the Imam of the National mosque. A word is enough for the wise.
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