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PRESS STATEMENT: Army Orders Fresh Attack on Members of the Islamic Movement in Katsina and Sokoto

The Islamic Movement has uncovered another devilish plan by the Nigerian army to replicate the gruesome murder it carried out in Zaria. This time around, our sources, said Katsina and Sokoto have been penciled down for the operation which will occur any moment from now.

A very reliable source confirmed to us that the Nigerian army has been uncomfortable with the way the atrocities they committed in Zaria last year is being exposed, drawing sympathy to the Islamic Movement not only in Nigeria but the world over. They attribute these to the activities of members of the Islamic Movement in other centres, especially those in both Katsina and Sokoto.

In Zaria, the Nigeria army attacked under the pretext of road blockage. It is not clear what they will use as an excuse this time in Katsina and Sokoto. 

Since the unfortunate incident in Zaria, peaceful protests have been held in major cities across the country, demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky along with other hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement being incarcerated in various detention centres across the country. 

We condemn this newly planned operation, which seems to be in continuation of the one they started in Zaria. It is noteworthy that this is coming especially at a time when the Saudis, well known globally as  financiers of ISIS and other terrorists organisations, are conducting a workshop on terrorism in Abuja.

From all these, one can see the hidden arms of some Wahabbi elements within the Nigerian army bent on obliterating the Islamic Movement whose majority of its members are followers of the Shia school of thought.

We wish to alert the public that while Nigerian army is supposed to be a secular army, it has so far acted as an arm of Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia in actions and thoughts. Nigerian government appears  to be carrying out foreign policies of some Arab states and this will not augur well for the inter religious harmony that we currently enjoy in the country.




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