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PRESS STATEMENT: Another mischief against IMN in the making

Our attention has been drawn to a leaked intelligence document titled “PLANS BY ISLAMIC MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA TO ATTACK SERVICE PERSONNEL AND FAMILIES” with reference number 3DIV/G2/240/01 dated 12 May 2016.

This so-called "intelligence" document presently going round among service personnel, mischievously insinuated that there are indications that members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, have concluded plans to commence attacks on service personnel and their families with the aim of abducting them.

This "fairytale-like"document further claimed that the aim is to kidnap targeted persons and use them as bargaining tools with security agencies.

Against this background, the document therefore mischievously directed unit commanders to disseminate the information to troops under command and to evolve proactive ways of ensuring security of personnel at all times to avert the plans of the IMN.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) hereby dissociates itself from any of such acts or insinuated plans to kidnap or attack anybody anywhere at any time.

The IMN does not believe in nor practice violence in any form whatsoever and quite unlike the Nigerian Army, embraces civil means of seeking redress as practically  displayed in the cases filed before the courts of law seeking redress.

Obviously, certain mischievous security operatives are misfeeding the security services with some false information to instigate them against the IMN. We categorically condemn this wicked and devilish attempt by these unscrupulous elements who use their offices to fabricate lies in the name of intelligence reports to seduce the authorities into wanton and incessant killings of innocent civilians as witnessed in the December Zaria massacre. That was also how fabricated intelligence report emanated from as high a place as the Presidential villa claiming that the late kidnapped Nigerian Army Colonel was kidnapped by the IMN only to turn out to be completely untrue.

The reason for these fake intelligence reports is not farfetched as it is clear that the perpetrators of last December Zaria massacre are by all means looking for reasons not only to justify their crime against humanity, but to also cleanse themselves of it.

The world witnessed how Nigerian Army, in the most inhuman manners, launched a genocidal attack on the IMN stabbing women with bayonets on their breasts and private parts, burning innocent unarmed civilians to death and indiscriminately shooting women, children and youth.

Hoping to satisfy their wishful thinking of instigating the members of the IMN into violence by all means in order to demonize them and give them a bad name, they have engaged in all forms of calumny against the IMN and its leadership. They are working by all means to stop the IMN from seeking redress through peaceful and legal means as evident in their attack on the IMN legal Counsels and doing all possible to stop the cases before the federal Court and the ICC in The Hague.

We reiterate our stand that we can never be intimidated into violence and shall continue to seek redress through peaceful means.Finally, we call for the immediate and unconditional release of our revered leader his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.




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