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Press Statement
: A Committee of NSCIA Visited Sheikh Zakzaky

On Wednesday 13th January, 2016 some members of the contact committee set up by the National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) visited Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement, who is incarcerated by the federal government since 14th December, 2015.

According to a member of the committee, Prof. Dahiru Yahya, they met the Sheikh and his wife Sister Zeenah Ibraheem in Abuja, who are all recuperating from the bullet wounds they sustained during the army’s attack on the Islamic Movement in Zaria.

The Islamic movement welcomes this development. It is a step forward in quelling the anxiety of the teeming millions, Muslims and non Muslims alike, all over the globe, in knowing at least the where about of the Sheikh and the condition of his health.

However we are still adamant in our request that the Sheikh be set free unconditionally, because up to now the government has not been able to justify the unjustifiable atrocities committed by the army that led to his arrest.
So far we have been able to establish some figures that indicate how gruesome the avoidable attack by the Nigerian army has been.

A) In our list there are about 730 people, men and women who are still missing, since that fateful Saturday 12th December, 2015.

These missing people were either killed by the army or are in detention, but whose where about is still unknown and undisclosed.

B) Also there are 220 brothers of the Islamic movement in detention in Kaduna Central prison, some of them with fatal gun wounds and burns.

C) Reliable reports from some detention facilities owned by the Nigerian army in Kaduna, Bauchi and Abuja have confirmed the detention of some brothers of the Islamic movement therein.

D) As at the time of writing this statement, no single corpse has been handed to the families of those killed.
In as much as we commend the NSCIA for its effort to resolve this crisis initiated and executed by the military, we still demand answers to some questions that the Chief of army staff couldn’t answer, when the contact committee met him in his office. The questions are as follows as narrated in a national daily by a member of the committee: “What is the actual number of the dead, and when are they going to be handed over to their relatives for proper burial? Are the injured receiving adequate treatment?” 

In view of the above; We renew our call for:

1.The unconditional release of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and all his followers unjustifiably being detained.

2.Corpses of those killed should be handed over for proper and befitting Islamic burial.

3.We also reiterate that an independent judicial commission under the watchful eyes of the international community be set up to unearth the truth in this matter and the perpetrators of the Zaria 12th -14th pogrom(massacre) be brought to book.

Only then can justice be seen and said to have been done
Therefore, We call on the well meaning Nigerians and Human  Rights activists here in Nigeria and the diaspora to keep on with the pressure on the federal government until justice is done on Zaria massacre of 12th December, 2015.

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