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Press Rleased by AFIMN: ZARIA BLOOD BIRTH : Why our Brothers and Sisters are Still in Concealment Under the Custody of State Security Service?

The fundamental rights of  every citizen in Nigeria as stipulated in section 4 of the 1999 amended constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has given every citizen the liberty to live and to belong to any religious doctrine of his choice, base on his conceptual understanding.

The injunction of this liberty could not be violated or seized by any individual, entity, or authority, as also stipulated in section 33 of the 1999 constitution, except if a sanction is legitimately warranted by a presiding Judge after a judicial hearings. This rule is explicitly explaining that, a citizen could not be unconstitutionally detained, tortured, intimidated or assassinated by any visible or faceless entity nor a governing authority.

This release is a memo to all the national and international authorities concern that, AFIMN remained painstaking to the case of our faithful brothers and sisters that are still in concealment under the custody of the department of State Security Service(SSS) in Oyo and Ibadan, south-west of Nigeria.

It could be recalled that, it is precisely six months now, since the old-adged preplanned blood birth launched in the base of the IMN in Zaria and its esteemed leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub Zakzaky. 

A series of treatises throughout this period have acquainted the right thinking Nigerians the factual crimes against humanity perpetrated by the senseless Nigerian Army spearheaded by the World Mongers where 1000+ armless and law abiding citizens were extra judicially killed. The house of the peaceful leader was stormed, killed all the volunteer guards of the house, 3 more of his biological sons in addition to the previous 3 exterminated during the 2014 International Qudus Day procession. The revered leader in person, was sprayed with number of bullets along side his only wife, Malama Zeenatu. All the monumental buildings legally owned by the Movement(Husainiyyah, Film village, Darul Rahmah, Martytrs cemetery, Islamic centre) were all notoriously razed down. The leader’s houses was burnt along side his elder sister, many volunteer guards were all burnt alive right inside the house before it was finally razed.

During this military siege, hundreds of our faithful brothers and sisters were captured as captives, some of which after sustaining a gun shut were taken to the Kaduna central prison and were still in detention without justice. During this capture, a number of special persons, brothers and sisters were kidnapped and are still in concealment under the custody of SSS. Series of facts, storyline have proven that, the following persons were with the SSS and we are therefore calling for their exposition as in line with the section 33 of the 1999 amended constitution as cited in the second paragraph of this write-up: Sheik Mukhtar Sahabi Kaduna, Sheikh Mahmud Turi Kano, Sheikh Mustapha Nasidi Potiskhum, Sheikh Kabir Al-Kanawy, Malam Auwal Iyal Zaria, Dr. Mustapha Zaria, Alhaji Shafi’u Kazaure, Bashir Adam Kawo Kaduna, Sumayya Isah Hassan Zaria, Nusaiba Ya’qoub Zaria among others.

On another fundamental reality, it is to the cognizance of all and sundry that, during the public hearings of the panel of inquiry to the Zaria massacre set up by the Kaduna state government, the director general of the department of SSS, was among those presented an attestation before the committee and had clearly confessed that, "some brothers and sisters of the IMN were under their custody, and he deemed some were among the Sheikh Zakzaky’s vicegerents."

In the lung rung, AFIM is reciprocally calling for their exposition and their liberty as they have the rights to enjoin the free movement as every other citizen in Nigeria. We therefore vehemently condemn the continued unconstitutional restriction of these brothers and sisters. In addition, we are also calling for the unconditional release of our revered leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his only wife Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibraheem and 193 brothers still in detention without Justice in Kaduna central prison. Discharge of the corps of our brothers and sisters killed in cold blood for proper Islamic burial.


Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru

For Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria