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Press Release: We Demand Justice for the Atrocities in Zaria

In The Name Of Allah The Most High. Peace be upon those who value truth, peace and humanity. Unlike other narrow-minded Muslim organizations, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a broad based mass organization with membership that cuts across social barriers and sectarian divides. 

Its success hinges on good leadership with the know-how of right methodology of how to achieve results using the model of Prophet Muhammad(S). This model and the methodology is what other groups loath because it is a way that is full of trials and tribulations. We are earlier told in the Qur’an that we would be tried once we affirmed our belief. 

This Movement started in the late 70’s in Nigeria, at a time when youths were lured by many false ideologies, and holding many ideologues as their role models being completely ignorant of Islam. They viewed Islam as an ancient religion incapable of solving modern issues and challenges. Some of these ideologies were in direct conflict with Islam and its teachings. Thus, as a student then, with a sound Islamic background, Allamah Shaikh Zakzaky (H) found that many Muslim youths were lured by these false but fanciful anti-Islamic ideologies. He was able to show them that Islam is indeed a better ideology and has far better and superior answers to all modern challenges. He brought Islam to life and taught it like never before thought possible. That marked the beginning of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.  
The Islamic revolution in Iran practically showed that Islam is indeed capable of solving all life’s modern problems including social justice and modern societal ills. It was no longer going to be viewed as an ancient ideology like people used to say when they were told of the revolution of Shaikh ibn Fodio about two centuries ago.

Ever since, Allamah Shaikh Zakzaky(H) has remained an activist totally engaged in learning , research and teaching  of Islamic studies.He has always encouraged unity, living in peace with one another and humanity not only among the Muslim ummah, but among all human beings. He has always challenged tyranny and inhumanity. For this, he was severally jailed by successive Nigerian regimes. During the immediate past regime, the focus of the authorities shifted from mere jail terms to assassination attempts.  In late July, 2014 a detachment of the Nigerian army headed by Lt. Col S.O Oku having failed to reach and kill Shaikh Zakzaky, vent their frustration on his children and supporters when they attacked and killed 34 members of the Movement, including his 3-biological sons. Shiakh Zakzaky was patient enough and persevered in the face of this extreme provocation. The nonviolent nature of the Islamic Movement and Shaikh Zakzaky was so glaring after that. People from all looks and crannies  within and outside the country who came to condole him acknowledged and praised his patience and sacrifice. Even the present Governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir El-Rufai was not left out of the praises for Shaikh Zakzaky’s exemplary qualities. 

These qualities manifest through members of the Islamic Movement. No single group donates blood to save the lives of fellow citizens in Nigeria like members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria because of the voluntary blood donation campaign embarked by the movement during all their programs and activities. The National Blood Transfusion Service has severally acknowledged that and showed its appreciation to Shaikh Zakzaky on more than one occasion. Members of the Islamic Movement have also been engaged in provision of numerous social services such as environmental sanitation, sinking bore holes in communities, mass immunization campaigns, emergency services during disaster situations like bomb blasts etc During crises situations, Shaikh Zakzaky’s house is a place of refuge and safety for those disadvantaged groups irrespective of their tribes and religion. 

So the Government cannot just overnight overturn these good work by vilifying Allamah Zakzaky. If they believe he committed any offence, he should have been charged to court. But the manner this attack was hurriedly executed leaves much to be desired. Why did the soldiers quickly went to his house and shoot him several times? Why did the soldiers quickly  shoot the spokesperson of the Movement? Why did the soldiers  shoot his remaining 3 sons dead before his eyes?

Undoubtedly, this was a premeditated attack, a continuation of what was started in 2014. It was well planned and meticulously executed. The pattern of killing and actions afterwards by the soldiers were to cover their tracks and destroy all evidence. Why is there no official casualty figures? Why has no corpse been released to relatives for burial? Why the hurried mass burials and graves in secrecy?
Why did Kaduna state Government demolish buildings of the Movement at this time including cemeteries and digging the graves of people including the the grave of the Shaikh’s mother and children killed in 2014?

We will not relent in our quest that justice must be done.  The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Allamah Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) ,his wife and the rest of his followers should be unconditionally released immediately. All those involved in this barbaric act of  killing  innocent Nigerian civilians, women and children must be brought to book.


S.I Ahmad