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Our enemies always try to deceive us with a suicide bomber in order to hijack it to their advantage. Many of the words that are used to describe the miscreants or thugs are often invented by the enemies of Islam.

In order not to prolong our finding, we would like to summarily be straightforward about our stand.
On Friday 27 November, the enemies of Islam detonated a bomb in the midst of Muslim Brother’s who were trekking to Zaria in order to commemorate the brutal massacre of Imam Hussain (as) and his companions in Karbala.

Long before the commencement of the trekking, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky had already unveiled the enemy’s covert plans to bomb and frustrate the exercise or even gas the trekkers with chemical substances.

It is a well known fact that was a surreptitious contract sponsored by the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world  Israel, America and Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately some heartless Muslims were used to fulfill the mission and they were confirmed to have been trained somewhere in Jos, Plateau State. They have succeeded in executing their evil agenda by luring, brainwashing and strapping bombs around the bodies of some fragile and heartless miscreants in order to unleash deaths and horrors amongst our brothers and sisters.

It is true that the bombers were only used as smokescreens because the bomb attack that martyred 24 of our brothers were remotely controlled.

This kind of subtle subversion is not only peculiar to Nigeria alone, this is the common practice all over the world as evidenced by an abducted Iraqi  when he was kidnapped, drugged and water borded before he was brainwashed to wrap a suicide vest to his body.
Oblivious of the trap, he was then driven to a densely congested mosque in Mosul and asked him to "go and enter that mosque".  When he entered, he was too hungry to realise his whereabouts. It was only when people realised his ordeal that they overpowered and nabbed him .They (the enemies) might have tried in vain to use a remote control to detonate it.

The bomb would have gone off had it not been for a divine intervention of Allah. Responding to questions, he said he was abducted working in his farm. So, the case here in Nigeria will not be different. Every arrested homicide bomber will continue to narrate the similar story.

To us, a terrorist organisation in the name of Boko Haram is just a cover-up. People are being arrested, brainwashed, forced to wear suicide vest and then send them to crowded places in order to inflict a heavy loss of lives and properties.

The media will then be awashed with a false narration that it is the act of terrorism. Therefore, we will not be fooled with suicide bombers in this country.
No real Muslim can kill his fellow Muslims in his sense.

We finally call on the journalists who always pin the blame on a suicide bomber to rescind their stand because it is not true as far as we are concerned.

Sign: by Mu’assatu Abul Fadl Abbas of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria
Under the leadership of Allama Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H).