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By S. I. Ahmad
Peace be upon those who follow the right path.  Violation of fundamental Human Rights is lack of respect for life and human dignity. It is common knowledge that human rights are moral principles that describe standard human behaviours, which are regularly protected as legal Rights in both National and international laws.

 All human beings whatever their nationality, ethnic group, religion, language or any other status have the right to life and freedom.
On the 27th of February 2013 ,the Nigerian state services (SSS) arrested Brother Ibrahim Hussein, member of the Islamic movement in Nigeria in his house at Rigasa quarters Kaduna since then neither his family nor any of his relatives has been allowed access him: he also not been charged for any offence before a court law. Similarly, Brother Haruna Abbas of the Hurras (voluntary guards) arm of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was also unlawfully arrested by the state security service (SSS) on the 21st of March, 2013 without a concrete reason to warrant the arrest. Like his colleague, no one was allowed access to him, and has not charged for any offence. In the same vein, Brother Ado Hujjah of the Movement was also arrested recently by the same State Security Service (SSS).

It is expected that, it is an obligation on any government to protect all rights of its citizens. In other countries, government jealously protect and nurture their citizens such countries ensure their citizens are not harmed or their dignity degraded in any way, no matter the circumstance. A sensible government ensures such obligation and duties under the international law to respect, protect,and to fulfill Human Rights are applicable to its citizen right Unfortunately this is not the case in Nigeria. The State and its security apparatus are systematically extinguishing lives of its own citizens. In Nigeria the citizens right to liberty, security, and even right to family ties are constantly violated. Torture is allowed: during security offensive, maximum casualty is allowed. Over the years the new bandits of leadership position have taken Nigerians for a ride for too long. They killed, maimed and mutilated the bodies and souls of Nigerians without any responds and demands for justice from the society.


So many a time Nigerians get assassinated, murdered, bombed, and destroyed by the very system that suppose to protect them: yet, the society remain aloof and resign to prayers and insult. Indeed prayers is critical to the course of Justice, but, society need to equally show their anger and continue to demand justice from the very system that is supposed to protect them from the killing fields in the country. We recall the gruesome episode of 25th and 26th of July 2014, when the lives of 34 innocent and promising Nigerians were brutally terminated by the Nigerian soldiers in Zaria.


Out of the 34 members of the Islamic movement, including killed in cold blood, 3 were biological sons of the leader of the movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). They are: Ahmad, Hameed and Mahmud, a graduating Chemical Engineering Student, a student of Aeronautical Engineering and student of Islamic Theology respectively. Among those killed was also a Christian gentleman, 66 years old chief Julius Anyanwu, women and children were also targeted. This heinous crime against humanity was executed by a detachment of the Nigerian Army headed by Lt. Col. S. O Oku. Recently, a University Professor, Professor Ahmad Falaki of A. B. U. Zaria was also killed in Gombe by the Nigerian Security apparatus. It is nearly 2- years now, we re-echo our strong condemnation of the constant violation of Fundamental Human Rights of our Brothers by Nigerian government and its security apparatus.


We would not relent in our quest for a quick release of Brother Haruna Abbas, Brothe Ibraheem Hussain and Brother Ado Hujjah.

S.I Ahmad