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The injustices of the directionless regime of Buhari continue to wreak havoc on the lives of the populace to such an extent that large sections of the country are practically lawless wastelands under the sway of bandits and marauders. However, we wish to update the public on the continued unlawful incarceration of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, both of whom are being detained by the governor of Kaduna State on trumped-up charges, in the overcrowded Kaduna prison, with Buhari’s mandate.

It is worth noting that Buhari is the architect of the massacre in Zaria as well as serial and often savage persecution of all those who oppose the regimes crackdown on Sheikh Zakzaky’s supporters. Peaceful protesters have been killed in large numbers in broad day light, places of worship, schools, homes and other properties have been demolished without cause. There is virtually no civil right that the regime has not violated. In the lead-up to the massacre, the Nigerian Television Authority [NTA] spared no effort on justification propaganda to sweep the Buhari regimes crimes under the carpet with ease, and the Nigerian Army went on a killing and wrecking spree in which no less than a thousand people were murdered in cold blood.

Sheikh Zakzaky’s elder sister and dozens of other women and children were flung into a room, locked from behind, doused in fuel and then set ablaze. These brutalities were initially wrought under the pretext of road blockade, and that of assassination attempt. But, in his maiden media chat, Buhari falsified the aforementioned pretexts and sought to justify the carnage with his far more laughable conjecture of creating a state within a state.
Of the survivors, about two hundred were illicitly imprisoned and falsely charged with culpable homicide for one Corporal Dan Kaduna’s death. Having expended close to five years in prison, the case resulted in their acquittal, in spite of unnecessary and deliberate delays in the legal proceedings, which overwhelmingly established that he was killed in what was termed as friendly fire.