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Press Release: Police Attacked Sheikh Zakzaky’s Followers, Killed Two and Injured Many

As Buhari’s assassination of Sheikh Zakzaky is still in progress, it is disheartening that Buhari is resulting to police action in order to stop free-Zakzaky protesters from demanding for the Sheikh to be released to tend to his seriously deteriorating health. The Sheikh is dying in custody without proper medication. Thus, there is an urgent need for him to be flown to a properly equipped facility abroad.

Last week Thursday, we were at the National Assembly Complex where one of the members of the House of Representatives, Honourable Ado Doguwa addressed us; and he promised to call back with a new development before we got to our various destinations. Unfortunately, over one hundred and forty eight hours now gone, and no response, neither from him nor from any other person amongst his colleagues.

What happened today at the National Assembly Complex was unbecoming of the Nigeria Police, though they had done worst. The police fired live ammunition and Killed two of Sheikh Zakazaky’s followers, Mahmud Umar Sakafa and Ja’far Mika’il, and many were seriously injured. It is, however, sad that the bullets they used also affected some of their men. The police ought to know that all we are saying is: Buhari should allow Sheikh Zakzaky to attend to his health.

After they had committed these atrocities, the police preposterously claimed that the protesters confiscated a gun from a police and shot the officer. This is incongruous with reason and conclusive evidences at hand; nay it is even inviting serious ridicule. How on earth could a protester, known to be unarmed and defenceless, have sequestered a gun and fired it?

But, considering the narration of a former Abuja police commissioner, Sadiq Bello, that the police had their men put in free-Zakzaky protesters, it is quite obvious that those police set up for use were the ones who caused the inflictions at the National Assembly and elsewhere today.

We are reiterating that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife should urgently be released to tend to their deteriorating health conditions. Tomorrow is another day for us to continue to call for the urgent need for them to be freed immediately, and out we are going to come in mass.

Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement