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PRESS RELEASE: Many feared injured, arrested as police fired on International Quds Day protesters in Kaduna

Reports reaching the Islamic Movement in Nigeria from Kaduna metropolis indicated that many people are feared injured and arrested as the police fired on peaceful International Quds Day procession globally commemorated today in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

A large contingent of the police in battle gear had been threateningly patrolling the streets of Kaduna even before the commencement of the march.

Hardly had the peaceful march started when the armed policemen opened fire without warning, with tear gas and live ammunition indiscriminately. This led to pandemonium on the busy streets of the central area.

They were seen thereafter mounting road blocks and emergency checkpoints and diverting traffic away from the central area.

As at the time of filing this, it is not clear how many people were injured or arrested as the police action has led to severe traffic gridlock inconveniencing road users.

Many people were overheard denouncing the action of the police saying that this is not the first Quds Day protest being held in Kaduna, why would it be attacked by a police force that chickens out when it comes to dealing with the menace of armed bandits or kidnappers in the state but come out in full force when it comes to stopping peaceful protests?

This year’s Quds procession has been marked everywhere in the country peacefully except in Kaduna, where the Governor is in the mood of spilling innocent citizens blood in this holy month of Ramadan.

Therefore, the Governor will be surely held responsible for the unnecessary violence visited upon peaceful marchers.