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Press Rel;ease: Detaining Sheikh Zakzaky in Kaduna Prison Despite Covid-19 Pandemic is Worrisome

It is well known that in late December 2015 the 1st division of the Nigerian army unexpectedly launched a well-planned and orchestrated campaign of murder, destruction and mayhem. During which the 1st Division of the Nigerian Army killed hundreds and destroyed numerous homes; this infamous raid was followed by the mass burial of the bodies of so the victims of the atrocity by the Kaduna state government. 

The survivors of this unprecedented massacre have since been imprisoned, and those seeking for lawful redress have been systematically persecuted by the Buhari led regime.

Among the over 1000 people known to have gone missing during the attack in Zaria by the 1st Division of the Nigerian Army. About 200 where charged in two separate courts, for the alleged murder of one soldier who was later proved to have been killed by what was called friendly fire. An accident presumed to have been unfortunate collateral damage during the orgy of mad violence in Zaria.

It took a total of 4 years and a few months for those wrongfully accused of the murder of corporal Dan Kaduna, whose name literally means the Corporal from Kaduna to be discharged and acquitted by the Nigerian Judiciary in Kaduna State.

Throughout the period that lasted over 4 years the regime led by major general Buhari has continued to detain 2 individuals. Ibraheem Zakzaky and Zeenah Ibraheem, for nearly 2 years without charge, and for the past two and half years on the charge of incitement and abetment of the 200 now finally acquitted.

The destruction, mayhem and wanton violence perpetrated by the 1st division of the Nigerian Army, under the regime of the retired major general Muhammadu Buhari has continued to assert one justification after another, in the name of what the general himself has termed National security.

It is no news that in the generals regime, whose determined efforts to disguise his murderous intent, that a sham medical trip had once been organized meticulously to the point of assassination, which thankfully proved a failure. Later, the Targets: Ibraheem Zakzaky and Zeenah Ibraheem were transferred to the over-crowded prison on Kadunas Independence way.

A squalid, unkempt, disease ridden hell hole presided over by Sanusi Muazu Dan Musa and his cronies. We believe that the Controller of Prisons has now been promoted to the undesirable rank of Assassin in Chief of the population of Kaduna Prison, his objective is to kill people. As you know the health of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah Ibraheem continues deteriorating.

As an update to the public, the health of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah Ibraheem has been ever deteriorating. In the last sitting, on 24th February 2020, the Kaduna High Court affirmed that the couple are unfit to stand trial, thus an order was given by the Judge, Justice Gideon KURADA directing the officials of Kaduna Prison to grant Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife access to their doctors.

Sheikh Zakzaky is being affected by progressive glaucoma, cervical spondylosis and up to 55 bullet fragments with lead and cadmium poisonings in his body. He has also been suffering from sleep disorder, recurrent spiking hypertension, recurrent episodes of stroke and just few days ago, his cardiac ischaemia and ventricular hypertrophy were found to deteriorate, he is now even requiring cardiac catherisation, thereby making him more clearly unfit to stand trial.

The Shaikhs wife Mallamah Zeenah suffers from increasingly frequent colicky pains due to the bullets and other harmful particles in her stomach. She also suffers from untreated hyperthyroidism, over-matured cataract, hepatobiliary complications and a cartilage problem (osteoarthritis), making her very difficult to work or to sit. Weeks ago, her sinusitis and rhinitis have deteriorated with nasal bleeding and just few days ago she was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis.

Both their health ailments absolutely need very urgent medical interventions according to expert doctors. It is also fact-fully known that the health facility inside Kaduna Prison does not have the capacity to handle any of the above-mentioned illnesses for both the Shaikh and his wife, and certainly they are incapable of providing cardiac catherisation either.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife are being detained in Kaduna prison. Coronavirus is a deadly infectious disease that can spread just like flu or a cold through the air and close contacts, through coughing or sneezing; close personal contact such as touching or shaking hands; touching an object or surface, etc, with the viral particles on it. While social distancing and staying at home are the effective prevention methods for covid-19, it is very difficult for detainees to be granted such precautions. Continued detention of the couple in Kaduna Prison despite this pandemic of Covid-19 is really worrisome.

With the Covid-19 pandemic engulfing the entire world as we speak, with Nigeria reporting an increasing number of confirmed cases on a daily basis, and with the experience we have had with the regime led by major general Buhari and his well-organized assassination and murder ring, whom have proved to be bent on bringing death and destruction on all people who are unwilling to submit to their terrorist agenda, we have now found ourselves as absolute hostages.

Not just to the worldwide virus, but to viruses like Buhari, Buratai, Boko Haram, Bandits and Burglars. They are thieves, looters, raiders, destroyers, killers, murderers and they are now hard at work; because they are in charge.

The Buhari-led government is fully aware that anybody that is unfit to face trial cannot be arraigned in court for trial and there is court judgement that have already ordered for the release of the couple. The public is aware that the Federal High Court judgement delivered in December 2016 is yet to be observed by the Retired Major General Buhari regime.

We therefore demand for the immediate unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and his wife.

Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
For the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria

29th Rajab 1441 (25th March 2020)

free zakzaky press conf abj on 25th march 2020

free zakzaky press conf abj on 25th march 2020

free zakzaky press conf abj on 25th march 2020

free zakzaky press conf abj on 25th march 2020

free zakzaky press conf abj on 25th march 2020